How long do bouts last?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
August 14, 2012
How long do bouts last?

Childbirth is an extremely complex and highly individual process. Peculiarities of childbirth and childbirth depend on many factors that cannot always be foreseen. Even in time, delivery can take place at different times. In some women, they last 7-8 hours, in others - several days.

In the process of giving birth to a child, there are several stages. The first, and the most painful and unpleasant, is the contractions. At this stage, there is an active opening of the cervix, which gives a very unpleasant feeling to the woman. How long the contractions last depends directly on how often a woman gives birth. In the first birth, they last 8–12 hours, and sometimes to 16. In the second birth, the contractions are reduced, and they can pass in 5–6 hours.

Some time before giving birth, a young mother can feel the so-called false or training contractions. They begin with the 20th week of pregnancy, and how long the false contractions last, depends largely on the threshold of sensitivity of the woman.On average, they last one to two minutes. Almost always false labor painless and do not interfere with the life of a woman.

No matter how many opinions there are about how many bouts last, this process will be different for each woman.

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