How many kcal in a banana? Calorie banana. The nutritional value of bananas

Everyone's favorite banana is usually not recommended for people who want to lose weight, but the fact of a small amount of fat in its composition opens the reverse side of the fruit. With its daily use in the body enters calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus. The advantage of bananas is the availability of glucose in them, which is an excellent sweetener. Due to this, the fruit is able to quickly and for a long time satisfy the feeling of hunger.

Weight Loss with Bananas: Truth or Myth

The most unpleasant side of any diet is that from the diet it is necessary to exclude high-calorie foods that women love most. After learning how many kcal in a banana, some people stop eating them forever. Nutritionists have derived a new form of effective weight loss, in which women do not have to give up their favorite treat.

calorie banana 1 pc

Weight loss with bananas is a proven fact, but this does not mean that dieters are allowed to consume large amounts of fat daily. Choosing this way of losing weight, you should follow strict rules of nutrition, and the result will not keep you waiting long.

How many kcal in a banana and how effective are banana diets

A strict way to lose weight allows you to part with three kilograms in half a week. So you will save your time on cooking and you can enjoy your favorite delicacy for the whole day.

Three bananas and half a liter of milk are divided into several portions (from three to five). Use these ingredients separately or make a salad or cocktail. If you are allergic to milk, it is allowed to replace it with low-fat kefir. You can drink a banana fruit with water or green tea without sugar.

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On the second diet, you can get rid of one extra kilogram daily. She will fall in love with women who are hostile to fermented milk products. The diet will consist of one and a half kilograms of bananas - these are 5-7 fruits without peel. Mineral water and green tea without sugar is allowed in any quantity.Given that the calorie content of a banana (1 pc.) Without a peel is between 70 and 130 kcal, the body does not receive the daily calorie intake, as a result of which excess weight begins to disappear. The only disadvantage of such an effective way to lose weight is a small amount of protein, so nutritionists allow us to eat two boiled eggs a week.

What is useful banana: calorie per 100 grams and nutritional value

The fruit is mostly water (74 grams), the rest is distributed between carbohydrates (21 grams), mono- and disaccharides (19 grams), dietary fiber (1.7 grams) and proteins (1.5 grams). Bananas also contain fats, organic acids, and ash. The energy value of the fruit pulp is 96 kcal. A banana without a peel weighs on average 72 grams, which means that the calorie content of the pulp will be 69.1 kcal. Every day you can eat two fruits, without fear of gaining extra weight.

As a percentage, the caloric content of a banana was obtained from the calculations in the table







Vitamins, micro and macronutrients in a banana

When eating fruits and vegetables, many people first of all think about their health benefits. Preferring fruits with a high content of citric acid (citrus, apples, some berries), you improve metabolism,however, do not forget about other vegetation, which has a different effect on the body.

The advantage of bananas is that they contain more than ten different vitamins and as many micro and macro elements. Potassium is present in a larger amount (348 mg), then magnesium (42 mg), sodium (31 mg), phosphorus (28 mg) and calcium (8 mg). Also in the banana is iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, fluorine. Vitamins B, A, PP, C, E and K help cleanse the intestines, thereby greatly improving the complexion and structure of the skin.

The benefits and harm of bananas

This fruit is imported from Turkey, Egypt and Asian countries, it is especially relevant in Europe. The average Russian eats more than seven kilograms of bananas a year. At first glance, the figure is terrifying, but nutritionists reassure that their daily use will not be harmful to health. If you know how many kcal in a banana, and you are struck by this high figure - do not fall into melancholy, because with the agreement with a nutritionist you can even consume high-calorie foods. It is proved that the fruit improves mood, relieves stress, so it is so loved by people who lead an active lifestyle.

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Bananas do not irritate the gastric mucosa due to fiber-based. Having eaten this palm fruit, a person can satisfy the feeling of hunger for a long time. Banana removes excess fluid from the body, so it is useful for people with frequent edema. B vitamins improve the functioning of the nervous system. Given that the calorie banana is 96 kcal per 100 grams, it should be limited to people who are overweight. Also, the fruit is infrequently consumed by men and women prone to thrombosis (blood clots). These are patients with thrombophlebitis, deep vein inflammation and coronary heart disease.

On the peculiarities of green and dried bananas: the benefits and harm, calorie

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We are all accustomed to eating ripe fruits and vegetables, without thinking about how good they are in a half-ripe state. Bananas are broken green, and they continue to sponge in our country, but often they can be found on the shelves in this form. The unripe fruit has a bitter taste due to its tannin content, however, after heat treatment, the bitterness disappears. It contains less sugar and more starch, so if you want to lose weight, eat a green banana: the caloric content is 100 grams a little less than that of a ripe fruit.Scientists believe that diets based on consuming large amounts of poorly digestible starch reduce the risk of stomach cancer. This reveals another positive side to losing weight on green bananas.

The energy value of dried fruits is always greater than their fresh counterparts. 100 grams of dried banana contains up to 300 kcal - almost three times more.

Slimming smoothies

Cocktails are the most favorite liquid food for those who want to lose weight. They are tasty and nutritious, easily digested and do not burden the stomach.

how many kcal in a banana

Banana smoothies can be taken as a basis for three meals a day. In the morning it is allowed to eat low-fat food without sugar, and in the mid-afternoon snack, lunch and evening drink a glass of this cocktail. Knowing how many calories in a banana you can calculate the number of servings allowed per day, given the caloric content of milk and other components. Business people with insufficient time for cooking are attracted to this way of losing weight by preparing smoothies for a few minutes.

Two bananas cut into cubes and put in a blender, pour half a liter of milk and whisk.Smoothies are moderately sweet and fragrant, so you should not add sugar and spices to it. Diversify this cocktail with strawberries, kiwi or apple.

Oatmeal with banana for healthy eating

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Every housewife's dream is to make a quick breakfast, but cutting sandwiches, frying bacon with scrambled eggs takes a long time, especially if the family is large. Oatmeal with a banana for the morning meal will be a great start to the day, and it can be cooked in just a few minutes. Pour three glasses of liquid (water or milk) into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Pour 200 grams of oatmeal, add a pinch of salt and sugar. Rinse a handful of raisins and add it to the pan. Boil the porridge until the flakes soften, remove from the stove and add chopped banana to it. Healthy breakfast is ready!

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