What do Muslim swimsuits look like?

Surely many were tormented by the question: "What does a swimsuit look like for Muslim women?" Indeed, in Islamic countries there are a huge number of laws that limit girls. They extend to the appearance, style of clothing. Women are forced to wear closed attire, because of which it will not be visible bare areas of the body. However, as far as we know, during bathing it is rather difficult to fulfill this condition. In the water, the traditional hijab will constantly bully and, thus, expose parts of the body of a woman. Yes, and the swim will not be so comfortable, because the wet suit will pull to the bottom. What did Muslim women come up with in order to bathe without violating Islamic laws? The answer to this and many other questions can be found in our article.


Sharia is a whole complex of prescriptions that forms the moral values ​​of Muslims. It is backed by the Sunnah Prophet Mohammed and even the Koran. In fact, it is a whole set of rules, which tells how a typical Muslim believer should live.Most interestingly, the Shari'ah describes almost all spheres of reality: from the relationship between believers to specific situations that can occur in life.

As many know, this set of laws imposes a lot of restrictions on women. One of them is that a Muslim girl is obliged to go out to people in clothes that cover almost her entire body. For disobeying the rules of Shari'a, various penalties are provided - from fines to lashes.

Muslim swimsuits

Muslim swimsuits

Because of such strict laws, Muslim women were forced to either give up bathing in general, or to go around the rules of Sharia. So, some women swam in what they came to or they were looking for special closed reservoirs, where no one could see them. However, you see, it is very inconvenient. Fortunately, things are much better now, because special Muslim swimsuits are on sale. Designers decided to pay tribute and make life easier for those girls who still observe the canons of Islam. Then was hashem was developed, or, as it is also called, burkini, a Muslim swimsuit.

Model features

Burkini muslim swimsuit

What is the characteristic feature of the burkini? The Muslim swimsuit covers almost the entire female body, only the face and hands are visible. In addition, it is made of a material that does not stick to the body even if it gets wet.

If we talk about design, Muslim swimsuits in their appearance resemble sports suits. Burkini consists of an elongated tunic, trousers that are on the drawstring, and a special headdress covering the neck and hair. The set also includes trousers or overalls that prevent the tunic from tearing up and, accordingly, exposing the abdomen and back during swimming.

Muslim Swimwear Companies (Hashema)

Muslim swimwear hasham

The fashion for burkini has already reached our country. Moreover, Islamic swimsuits are bought not only by Muslim believers, but also by ordinary women who simply do not want to put their bodies on display. As for manufacturers, most of the burkini, which can be seen on the shelves of our stores, come from Turkey or Egypt.

Muslim women swimsuit

Despite the fact that the trend for swimsuits for Muslim girls appeared relatively recently, now there are already a lot of companies involved in their production.One of the most successful and prosperous is a Turkish company called Hayat. What is the secret of success of this company? Everything is very simple. First, to create the burqini, exclusively high-quality Italian materials are used, which do not fit and dry very quickly after bathing. Secondly, the Hyatt offers customers a variety of interesting colors and new designs. It is also worth noting that many models have a built-in hood. And some hashems can be used not only for swimming, but also for sports, jogging and walking.

In addition, products from the Turkish company Tekbir are in demand. Products that go under the brand of this brand have almost all the same qualities as the swimsuits from Hayat. However, the Tekbir's burkini cost a little bit less.

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