How not to call him?

Very often in life there are situations when a girl is better not to get in touch first with a guy. This may be due to several reasons: you both decided to abandon their relationship; you realize that without him you will be better off; you try to check his feelings and hope for the first step on his part, etc. Along with this, it is not so easy to erase from life and forget the person whom you loved or love. Therefore, in this article we will give advice to girls how to forget a guy, how not to call him and not go to the first contact.

Recognize the benefits of your behavior.

In order to understand how not to call him, first of all it is necessary to determine for yourself why you need it. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. Try to see advantages in your tactics. Of course, they depend on the specific situation, so find the advantages in yours.

For example, you are indifferent to a guy, but you want to win his location. Constant calls from your side, messages in social networks and SMS will only annoy him: you will seem to him to be an obsessive and boring person from whom you want to get rid of as soon as possible.In such a situation, it is necessary to restrain one’s minute impulses and not to get in touch, if only because of pride.

After all, no matter how dear you are, a person does not make sense to constantly sacrifice your ego. Especially if he does not appreciate your efforts and tries to avoid you.

If you both decide to break off a relationship for whatever reason, your obsession will most likely indicate that you can’t forget the guy.

Believe me, if your relationship is dear to him, he will try to return you in the near future. If he does without you, what is the point of returning such a union: anyway, sooner or later you will have to part again.

Try to soberly assess the situation before thinking how not to call him. It is very likely that when you understand why you should not do this, the desire will disappear by itself.

Take care of yourself

One of the best ways to escape from problems and unnecessary thoughts is to work hard or have an interesting activity. Therefore, if you decide not to call and write to a guy, but you always want to do it, think up a lot of things to do.

At first it will be hard for you and the temptation to simply find out how great it will be.But the more you work, the less time you will have to think about calls and SMS. Perhaps in the evening you will be happy to find that you have not thought about your beloved all day.

It is no secret that the state of “doing nothing” usually helps us to concentrate on one thought. Of course, if you lie on a sofa all day or sit at a computer, it is difficult to control your thoughts. Try to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances, communicate with interesting people, often leave your room to attend an exhibition, cinema, theater or a fun party. This will help to distract and bring diversity into your life.

Out of sight...

If you do not know how not to call or write, it is very important to get rid of everything that reminds you of him. These could be some things that you have left from your ex-boyfriend, trinkets, bought together, souvenirs for some kind of holiday, etc. In addition, his SMS and your correspondence in social networks is the first thing that will happen provoke you to contact.

After all, everything that reminds you of the best period of relationships prevents a sober assessment of the situation. So you start to forget why you need to drop calls and messages,subconsciously returning past sensations. It is necessary to gain courage and leave the past behind, really looking at the situation.

And another thing: if you feel sorry for deleting your correspondence, throwing away things related to a guy, and deleting his number from contacts in your phone, maybe it makes sense to fight for him? .. This is up to you.

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