How to adjust yourself to lose weight psychologically?

How to adjust yourself to lose weight? This question is usually of interest before a trip to a foreign resort or a grand New Year party, just a vacation and beach season, or if your favorite jeans are small and a leather jacket does not converge on the waist.


Women, girls, and sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex think about how to get in shape by a certain date or event, to regain the same comfortable weight. I want to feel young and healthy, be light and agile and catch the admiring glances of others. Weight loss, dieting, playing sports - all this requires a lot of effort and discipline. How to adjust yourself to lose weight? Further tips will be given for those who wish to lose weight correctly.

Wrong approach to a given goal

Refusal from the usual diet, exercise, which is not accustomed to (or unaccustomed) the body, are regarded by the body as stress.Before we talk about how to properly adjust yourself to lose weight, it is worth noting that what is being done is fundamentally wrong. Prohibited:

how to adjust yourself for losing weight

  1. Aggressive long diets. They, unfortunately, will not help to lose weight correctly, and then fix the result. Most often, this method leads to a breakdown and even greater weight gain.
  2. Exhausting loads once a week. They will not lead to the desired result, and after that the desire to go in for sports will disappear altogether.

Also note that without strong motivation, the process will not budge. Sometimes a person does not need a diet for several days. In fact, you should change your lifestyle, it means changing your habits to more healthy and correct ones, otherwise you will not be able to lose weight. How to adjust yourself to lose weight? This will be further written in the article.

Components of success

Lose weight by one or two kilograms before the party is not difficult, most likely that the weight will return later. But to lose more kilograms without harm to health and not to return to previous indicators - this is a more difficult task and you need to approach it comprehensively. One of the components of success in reducing weight is a psychological attitude.

Psychological training is very important!

To achieve the result you need a goal.How to set brains for weight loss? After all, it is in the head that there are blocks that make it difficult to lose weight.

Often people are comforted by the following:

  • I like myself as I am;
  • I feel so comfortable;
  • Everything suits me.

The idea that you need to change habits, causes real discomfort.

That's right, you need to love your body, but do not forget that a normal weight is a guarantee of health. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, healthy sleep should become the norm. Only then will the body return to normal.

A positive attitude is one of the most important aspects of this difficult process. How to adjust yourself to lose weight psychologically?

how to mentally adjust yourself to lose weight

  1. Psychological support can be provided by close people who will praise for the results achieved. You can find a company, for example, to suggest to a friend, sister or husband to stick to the chosen program together.
  2. To record the results you need a diary. It will be necessary to honestly record the food eaten per day, make your measurements and weight once a week. Regular journaling will clearly demonstrate the results, help you figure out what exactly leads to weight gain.You can additionally keep a photo diary by placing your own photos on a wall in a bathing suit or clothes that you want to lose weight.
  3. The achievement of the final goal is divided into several stages and it is easier to establish intermediate ones. Important - the end result must be real. Normal weight loss ranges from three to five kilograms per month.
  4. Find a lesson, an interesting hobby of your liking, which will distract from the desire to often have a bite or seize stress, or inaction in front of the TV.
  5. Visualize the future result. This can help the old photo, in which the weight corresponds to the desired and expected. And how to set yourself up for weight loss? In the reviews, the girls write that you need to create positive images in your head and stimulate yourself to further work on yourself.
  6. Belief in your own strength is the key to success.

Motivation for losing weight

How to mentally adjust yourself to lose weight? To achieve the result you need a goal. Depending on gender and age, they can be different:

  • like the opposite sex;
  • to return to the previous forms in order to be able to wear a favorite dress, short skirt or jeans;
  • be in better shape, get rid of health problems associated with being overweight;
  • look younger by a few years, and maybe more;
  • establish a relationship with the spouse (or spouse);
  • defeat own complexes.

how to set brains for weight loss

The most common reason people want to lose weight is poor health. In addition, overweight often becomes a cause of complexion and lack of self-confidence.

There are many reasons, of which you need to choose the one that will motivate more than others. It makes no sense to lose pounds to a particular event, the normal weight should be permanent.

Do not postpone

“Today I will still sing and tomorrow I will begin” is a very familiar phrase for those who have repeatedly tried to start a new life from next Monday.

Deciding to bring yourself to form, finally and irrevocably, you should start immediately. Not since Monday, as is usually the case, but from the very day the decision was made.

For a competent weight loss will take not two or three days or even 2-3 weeks. It may take from three to six months. And since setting up the body for weight loss is not easy and it takes time, you should start right today.

Change in diet and diet

In order to develop a habit for something, a person needs one month. Wake up earlier, do exercises or walk in the evenings. The same is true of nutrition. The body should be trained to consume the right foods. It is not at all difficult to break the habit of overdoing everything or use a lot of sugar in its pure form. Salt is replaced by natural spices, and sugar consumption is minimized. You can gradually accustom the stomach to smaller amounts of food consumed. And then the question of how to adjust yourself to lose weight, will not be so acute.

how to adjust the body for weight loss

A certain "harmful" food should not become a reward and should not be strictly prohibited. You can allow yourself to eat pastries, fried or your favorite candy. But you should always know when to stop. To lose weight, you should choose a comfortable diet, which will not become a personal torture, but will be a joy. If it is difficult to refuse to eat after 6 pm, you can give preference to diets, which provide for an early dinner and a light healthy snack for an hour and a half before bedtime.

Often, in order to start losing weight, you may need an express diet.Such diets are designed for seven to ten days, with strict adherence to guaranteed weight loss of two to three kilograms over a specified period. One of the ways how not to evade the specified list of products is to buy everything you need in advance and do not use anything extra until the end of the term.

how to adjust yourself for weight loss psychologically reviews

Fool the stomach with water. During the day, among other things, you should use at least 1.5 liters of pure water. During the day, one small apple or a handful of nuts (except peanuts) will help to satisfy sudden hunger, and evening hunger can be fooled with carrots or kefir. Eating healthy foods should become a constant habit.

Physical exercise

Further more. How to set yourself up for weight loss and sport? And again, you should set a goal and see a new body, which will appear as a result of simple, but regular physical efforts. The motivation for doing sports may be as follows: what will be gained as a result of the effort?

how to adjust yourself to lose weight psychologically

This includes:

  • excellent physical form;
  • the ability to easily cope with physical exertion, such as walking or climbing stairs;
  • new wardrobe, two or three sizes smaller than before;
  • psychological comfort in society.

You can call the same number of compelling reasons why you should start playing sports not only to lose weight, but also to improve your appearance.

It has long been known that a kilogram of fat in two or even three times more in volume than a kilogram of muscle. People with the same weight may look completely different. It all depends on what is more fat or muscle. And another rule - the muscles burn calories faster than fatty tissue. So, you must first convert the quantity to quality. That is, siphon weight in the muscles. After that, a well-chosen exercise program will help reduce body volume. It will happen faster. Since muscle mass burns calories within 48 hours after workouts and even in a calm state.

Enough sleep helps lose weight!

Proven fact - a full sleep helps to lose weight. Chronic lack of sleep stimulates the production of a hormone - ghrelin, which causes a person to eat more. Conversely, adequate sleep relaxes the body, contributing to the production of another hormone - leptin, which informs the brain that there is no need for food.With a constant lack of sleep and correspondingly insufficient rest, the body will replenish energy reserves at the expense of food, while not consuming all calories. As a result, overweight is guaranteed. Therefore, wanting to achieve very fast results, adhering to a diet, you should pay attention to the sleep mode.

Tips for those who want to lose weight

How to adjust yourself to lose weight psychologically? In the reviews, women write that first of all they need strong motivation. Without this, any attempt to play sports and lose the hated extra pounds are doomed to failure or another failure. The goal, of course, must be clearly defined.

how to set yourself slimming reviews

Not because someone wants, not because summer is near, this is a bad choice of purpose. A healthy lifestyle should be chosen primarily for yourself. The result of the applied and applied efforts should not be temporary, it should be permanent.

Small conclusion

Regular exercise and nutrition control should become a lifestyle. An important component of any program aimed at reducing weight is the love of your own body in all its manifestations.You can not blame yourself for failure, but you have to praise for small victories over yourself. The belief in own forces and achievement of a goal is necessary. We wish you good luck!

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