How to become a cyber sportsman: tips

E-sports is now at the peak of its popularity. Millions of players around the world spend a huge amount of time at the computer. Someone relaxes after a day of work, someone dreams of conquering the summit of one of the cybersports disciplines. The latter often reflect on what it takes to become a cyber sportsman.

What kind of sport?

For those who are remotely familiar with what e-sports is, it is worth explaining the essence of the concept. This phenomenon became known relatively recently. It appeared in late 1997. It was then that American players began to earn on computer to become a cyber sportsman

This sport has been widely publicized since 2011. It was then that the Ukrainian team won $ 1 million, which was a huge discovery for many people who are not at all connected with computer games.


Probably, from the beginning of the 21st century, people began to appear who wanted to learn how to become a cyber sportsman. The first tournaments were held on a charitable basis.Then no one could think that computer games can bring money.

Russia and other CIS countries became involved in this phenomenon already in 2001. It was then, for the first time, in the Russian Federation, eSports was recognized as the official sport. But the privileges were not confirmed, and several years later in 2006, the game of sport was excluded. This was due to some inconsistencies.

Such doubts did not affect the zeal of young players to become stars in their business. Despite the fact that few people knew how to become a cyber sportsman, it was possible to find a dozen persistent, confident, motivated players. It was on them that idea of ​​the development of eSports as such was kept.


After hundreds of tournaments and in view of the huge popularity among fans in the summer of 2016, it was decided to enter into the register of official sports and computer. So, now cyber sportsmen are supported not only by the entire CIS-community, but also by the state.

Despite the openness shown by the authorities of the Russian Federation, many still believe that this is due to selfish goals. The fact is that the prize funds of world tournaments began to reach unprecedented amounts - 15-20 million dollars.Prizes began to occupy and the guys from to become a cyber athlete cs go


Now it is very difficult to understand and understand what a novice player should do, who doubts whether it is possible to become a cyber sportsman. All famous professional gamers have gone their way. The first, who only encountered this phenomenon, worked very hard and gave more than 10 years only to the development of eSports.

Some who recently broke into computer sports were able to immediately gain a foothold in a certain place and win big money. Someone still broke into a certain discipline, played a couple of tournaments, but realized the complexity of this difficult hobby.

The first advice to novice players is, perhaps, the definition of discipline. Some young cybersportsmen are beginning to disperse their attention in several directions. Someone is trying to achieve success in “DotA” and “KS” at the same time. Someone decides to play at all, and suddenly you get lucky and somewhere you can achieve results.

Of course, this is absolutely impossible to do. The fact is that any computer game requires a huge return. It is necessary to train day and night, to develop a systemwork on bugs and so on. To do this, you must give preference to any one eSports discipline.

Popular options

Now most beginners still dream of becoming a cyber sportsman "KS" or "Doty". These two games of the last 5-6 years completely filled the online space. According to statistics provided by VALVE, almost one million players are simultaneously recorded in Dota 2. In addition, this year the number of people playing this game has long exceeded 10 million users.need to become a cyber sportsman

Also conducted statistical studies on the most popular games in Ukraine and Russia. As a result, it became known that Ukrainian gamers prefer DotA 2. It also turned out that every second Steam user in this country at least once, but played this game. The following two places were taken by another popular eSports discipline -Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveand counter strike 1.6.

In Russia, the players in the first place put just this most popular online shooter. But in second place was the famous Dota 2.


So, when you have decided on a discipline in which you would like to achieve success, you need to stock up on good devices. Of course, in order tobecome a CS CS;It is not necessary to buy the most expensive computer, keyboard and mouse. However, if you play on a PC with 10 frames per second, you will normally not be able to understand the game and respond quickly to critical situations.

Good iron has always been a priority even for an amateur cybersportsman. No one wants his hero to react in the game after 3-4 seconds. Each of the computer disciplines requires lightning-fast reactions, quick solutions, and just a high-quality game.

Also do not forget about a good Internet connection. Now, many who are just starting to train, they are carrying out the Internet from two providers. Thus, if one is turned off, you can immediately connect the second. This is also useful when a gamer participates in online tournaments. If the team is just starting its professional path, usually the guys play from their homes, as there are no funds for the “headquarters”. Therefore, a stable Internet need to take care in to become a cyber sportsman in Russia


Many people think that if they shout “Left to become a cyber sportsman!” To the left and to the right, the ice will break, and our young professional will immediately succeed.Few people think that behind the professionalism of a gamer there is a huge amount of training hours.

One love for DotA 2 is not enough for you to achieve success in the game. And not even everyone will be helped by what they can spend 10-12 hours in the game. Training is not just an endless game. Most often, this is a special schedule, which aims to work out shooting, learn the map thoroughly, come up with tactics, and also find particular points in the case of, for example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Novice players who do not know how to become a cyber sportsmanCS: GO,must pay attention to shooting. Since even knowledge of cards, certain tactics and other things, will not help you to win one-on-one in a standoff if you shoot “at the feet”.

Further attention should be paid directly to the map. Those who follow the tournaments know that before the matches there is a peak of cards, where each team chooses its own crown, which they trained, prepared and, probably, will be able to play “perfectly well”. Therefore, an excellent knowledge of maps, nychek and traps will help you in your future career.


If we talk about Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and other similar projects, then here, rather, you must first determine the role in the team, and then begin to train.Some play well in the Foreign Ministry, someone better carries it to Keri, some show themselves well in the role of support. One way or another, you need to understand your style of it possible to become a cyber sportsman

Next you have to choose a few heroes that fit your role, and train on them. Professional players usually have a small pool of characters. Someone does play in tournaments for 2-3 heroes. It is better, of course, if you can play well on 5 or more characters, then during the "picaban" the team will not have difficulties.

When training heroes, it is necessary to ideally study the abilities of each, the necessary items, variability in battle. You need to understand your actions in a particular situation. Of course, it’s better to train such moments with your own team, but even if you don’t have one yet, the perfect knowledge of the characters will not hurt.


Further, if you decide that you need to become a cyber sportsman, you will have to resolve the issue of work and study. Computer games and so take a huge amount of time. And if you deal with them professionally, then you need to give up all your free time to them.

Nevertheless, some novice players believe that studying or working will interfere with their career development. Of course, it will be impossible to combine everything together.But in case of failure with the games you should have a backup option for life. After all, if you quit school and gave up the games for 5 years, but you haven’t achieved anything, you need to understand what to do next.

It’s better to quit a job or take a sabbatical already when you started getting paid for tournaments. Or you have been called at least to an average e-sports organization where there is a contract and a salary. Then you can throw all the strength to develop your skill and achieve great results.become a cyber sportsman kc

An experience

If you do not know how to become a cybersportsman in “KS: GO”, but have been dreaming about this for a long time, try to analyze the career of famous players. Often their example not only motivates, but also helps to choose the right path. Some life situations are similar, and the novice gamer understands what he needs to do to develop a career.

Now, in addition to interviews and various clips, there are films that tell about the difficult path of a cyber sportsman. Most often, these films are associated with world tournaments. For example, according to “DotA 2”, a large video was shot several times, which would tell not only about the team as a whole, but also about some popular players.

Analysis and view from the side

Another aspect that should not be missed on the way to a cybersportsman’s career is analysis. Games are games, but in order to better understand not only the discipline itself, but also possible tactical moves of an opponent, it is necessary to understand everything in detail. To do this, you often need to analyze your game and rivals, consider everything step by step. Watch your mistakes, in which case, to think that in the future it is necessary to train better.

If we are talking about tactics, then you need to pay attention to the team game. What was done according to plan, what went wrong. In addition, it helps to consider the game and other gamers. It is necessary to learn from the mistakes of others.

Often, when a team prepares for a big tournament, players prepare something unusual, new. Some kind of a good bunch of characters or tactical attacks. The team also makes rivals. Therefore, you need to look closely to each of them. Study all past strategies and guess what new ones might be.what do you need to become a cyber sportsman

An experience

In general, now there is a huge number of people who are trying to figure out how to become a cyber sportsman in Russia or another country.By the way, if a team, for example, a Ukrainian, then not all gamers have Ukrainian citizenship. For example, at the end of last year, the famous Dot 2 team Na’Vi announced a new squad, in which three Swedes moved.

Also, some of the CIS players are moving to American teams, they like to try themselves on the Asian scene. This experience is in fact absolutely invaluable, since each region has its own view of the game, its own tactical ideas and thinking in general. Therefore, having played for a particular region, the gamer understands the game better.

Of course, if you are a patriot of your country and want to play for the collective of only your region, everything can be understood. But we should not forget that eSports is not politicized, so the experience of playing for other countries is always welcome.

Tweet to help

To decide how to become a Cs: Go cyber sportsman or another game, you should also refer to the resource “Twitch”. This streaming platform has gained huge popularity. Here you can not only get acquainted with other players and watch different projects, but also start your own career as a streamer.

This option is useful for many reasons.The main thing is that eSports organizations will be able to notice you. And if you can interest the audience, and your online will grow, then you will receive a tweet from can become a cyber sportsman

Also the option with streamer is a good alternative to e-sports. Here you can earn money just by playing games. And it is not necessary to choose a specific project. Now on Twitter there are a huge number of excellent streamers, and also professional players are broadcasting here all the time. Again, this gives everyone the opportunity to watch the game of a cyber sportsman, learn something, learn something.

Personal qualities

If you have firmly decided that you want to make money on computer games, but do not know how to become a cyber sportsman, carefully “rummage” in yourself. The fact is that at the very beginning of your professional career, and no matter what it is connected with, you need to be prepared for failure. Many novice gamers believe that once they hit the pro scene, then this is where their work is over.

This is not true. The fact is that each discipline changes from year to year. Developers introduce new updates, change the characteristics of characters, artifacts.Often change cards, and all this, of course, leads to tactical changes.

You also need to work endlessly on your skill. Even if you have not yet reached unprecedented heights and just sit at home, still practice what you do least. For example, you cannot do “headshots” in “KS: GO” - go to a special training card to work out this skill.I want to become a cyber sportsman

By the way, more than once it happened that the professionals played in the random house and there, getting into the team with an ordinary player, invited him to join their team. So some gamers became popular only due to the fact that they showed themselves well in a regular pub.

Not without it

Of course, everyone can become a cybersportsman, but if a person does not have talent, then he is unlikely to succeed. Like it or not, but computer games also need to be able to play. Of course, much also depends on experience, but there are still people who have no talent for computer games. The concept is rather subjective. It can not be calculated by tests or any analysis. There is talent or not, only time will tell.

If you understand how to become a cyber sportsman, and decide for yourself what you need to be, be prepared for difficulties.We must not forget to be persistent, motivated, hardworking, patient and well-mannered.become a cyber sportsman cs

Nowadays, cyber sportsmen have a huge impact on young people. For many, they are an idol, many imitate professional gamers. Therefore, to be a good example for the entire CIS-community, it is necessary to remain an expert in the business and just a good person.

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