How to become a designer?

This article is dedicated to all those who want to know how to become a designer. Today we will discuss not only the beginning of all beginnings, namely, how to take the path of design, but also all that you will need to achieve this noble goal.

Installation novice designer

Do not forget that the types of design are great, and they are significantly different from each other. If you want to become a web designer, then your inclinations will differ somewhat with the interests of those who decided to become a clothing designer. This is clear to us. So, decide what interests you, attracts: to become an interior designer, clothing, advertising, web designer? The list is far from complete, we consider only the most popular areas of design art.

Selecting your springboard, we will narrow the scope of activity. Namely, we will develop our own style. For example, taking up graphic design, begin to delve into the wisdom of this case and gradually develop your corporate style of work. The same with the interior, clothing.Do not tie your talent to the basic knowledge, the basics of business - improvise and strengthen your position.

Education needed designer

To become a true designer, you need to be bitten by another designer. It's all a joke, but in fact, where do designers learn?

The standard scenario is as follows: a person enters a higher educational institution at a special department, the direction of designer training. After spending there at least five years, he receives the coveted diploma and the necessary knowledge. Skillfully taking advantage of this potential, he can become a designer.

But ... there are a number of nuances associated with studying at a university. For a start, this is a vague picture of the development of events. Are you sure that in the university will get exactly the knowledge and experience that in the future really come in handy? It is not a secret for anyone that the size of the salaries of teachers in higher educational institutions is far from being proportional to the work that they have to invest in the education of students.

This leads to another problem - the quality of education. The teacher, by definition, is not responsible for what you understand and what is not. He is not a teacher, he taught and left, and whoever remembers there is your problem.Well, accordingly, the interest of teachers in high-quality education is virtually non-existent, there are only rare examples of teachers from God, for them this is, first of all, not a job, but the enlightenment of the uneducated. But such units are, unfortunately.

Alternatives are paid courses. Here you pay money directly to those people who are interested to work it out. Accordingly, they work them out extremely well, and if you feel that this is not the case, take the money and look for other courses, there is a good alternative.

An important factor is time. Paid courses, how to become a designer will take no more than three months - profitable, agree? Plus, rather, on the basis of the time limit, you will not have to study additional disciplines that, by and large, will not be useful to you, whether you are an interior designer. Why study computer science and higher mathematics if you want to become a clothing designer?

There is an option for the separatists. As one great man said, I quote: “Higher education will help earn a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. ”I agree, and I advise you to ponder on these words. Indeed, self-education is selective; you yourself control the level of your success and knowledge in any field. The only disadvantage of self-education is the lack of documentary evidence, but if you decide to get a job as a designer, just show your stunning portfolio, and you will certainly be judged by merit.

How to become a designer yourself

Highlight what you need to learn on the designer.

Need for information

By analogy with any activity, you first need to collect all the information you need. Then process it, that is, structure and organize. In our computer age, all this is easily done using the Internet and basic computer knowledge. Having found something interesting for yourself, do not rush to immediately apply this information - try to get to the original source, because there, most likely, you will find many more “snacks”, which is why it is the original source.

In comparison, the best is revealed

Every minute you should be aware of everything that has happened in the design world or in the area that you decide to engage in.Becoming a web designer, for example, do not be lazy to study the most visited portals and derive for yourself some basic concepts about design. On a successful design, it is fair to notice. Adopt the experience of senior colleagues, constantly compare your ideas with their implementations.

Technical means

Well, here we come to the fact that first of all it raises questions from novice designers. More specifically than us, the designers, to work? Relax, remember the era, lean back on your chair. Here it is, our main tool! All sketches, sketches, models are easier and more productive to process on a computer. And for those who have become web-designers, nothing else is needed. Is that additional devices, such as a graphics tablet, for example, but there are also those who are more comfortable with the mouse.

So we reviewed the main points on how to become a designer. I would like to wish you success in this endeavor, be confident in yourself, improvise and be successful!

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