How to braid cable: instructions for beginners. How to braid the end of the cable with your own hands

Unfortunately, even the most durable steel cable can break. As a result, the problem of connecting two parts of a metal product arises, and therefore it is necessary to create a loop at its end. As a rule, you can braid the end of the cable yourself, even if it broke off far from home.

Main functions

Steel cable - the main carrier element of lifting mechanisms. It is used in all industries, ranging from agriculture, engineering, construction, shipbuilding, to the oil refining and coal industries. In thickness and durability, power and possible load-bearing capacity steel cable is divided into several types. The choice depends on the goal and the need to perform certain tasks. The main component of product selection is the ability to withstand a certain mass of cargo.

The main area of ​​use of steel edges is their use as traction mechanisms. The cable is used for drilling rigs during stretching for all objects that require a specific attachment. In addition, steel ropes are necessary for the movement of goods. They are also needed for the lifting mechanisms of freight and passenger elevators.

Reinforcing steel rope is used for the reinforcement of concrete products. In addition, the cable is used as bearing and auxiliary elements of various designs. Its application provides reliability, which is achieved due to the basic characteristics of the element capable of withstanding any loads. The cable is especially needed in construction, when there is a need to supply reinforced concrete slabs to the desired height.

Cable slings are made of metric steel ropes - a special type of steel cable that differs from all main types of special flexibility, durability and ability due to the flexibility to seize a load for suspension by a hook in order to deliver cargo to its destination. Steel slings are used during unloading and loading,in the transportation of the heaviest, bulky goods, which have hinges, brackets, eyelets for this purpose in order to realize a strong, secure grip.

Steel Structure

how to braid rope

Due to the plexus, the cable has the ability to stretch, thereby allowing to transport cargo of different weights. There is a core in the middle of the woven strands of rope. Outside, a metal steel rope is covered with a special zinc or aluminum alloy. This provides protection against corrosion. The core in the center of the rope performs the main role of creating support for all braided strands, prevents them from falling through, facilitates pressure resistance from woven strands during loading, thereby preventing lateral deformation of the element. For the manufacture of steel products used different materials:

  • organic;
  • natural;
  • synthetic.

Organic material used in the manufacture of cores to the cable:

  • hemp;
  • sisal;
  • beckoned;
  • cotton fabric.

All this is the materials that form the round shape of the rope. Thanks to a special impregnation, gun grease, petroleum jelly and rope ointment, friction between the strands is reduced.

Mineral material - asbestos.Its main task is to allow the product to be used at high temperatures.

Lubricant, penetrating between the strands, protects the product from corrosion. The outer layer of steel cable is made of thick wire. In this connection, the steel rope is a connecting part of the product. It is the most suitable option for use of a cable in the conditions of chemical influence. Zinc - the outer layer of wire that protects the product from rusting.

Steel cable with zinc coating is of three types:

  • LS - rope to work with a light load;
  • SS - cable for medium conditions;
  • JS is a rope that is intended for use in more severe conditions, for example, in water.

In the manufacture of the manufacture of cables used strands of wire. At the same time for the manufacture of each type of product used wire of a certain type of brand: I, II and B. The highest quality wire with increased strength is the wire of brand B.


Depending on how much wire is used in the cable, steel ropes have several options for flexibility. The most flexible ones consist of 42 wires, the flexible ones already consist of 72 pieces, that is, 12 in each skein around the central core.A cable with increased flexibility already has scrolls of very thin 24 wires in each strand, that is, only 144 thin wires around the central steel core.

Types of construction

steel cable

There are three types of steel cable construction:

  • Unary rope. The design of this type differs from the others in that it consists of only one strand, where all the wires around the central core have the same diameter, are twisted in several or one layer in a spiral around the core.
  • Double cable. This construction consists of a double twist, one or two layers of wire in strands, wrapping around the central metal core.
  • Cables with a three-row construction, when three-row ropes are twisted into one element. This type of steel rope components are also called strands. It consists of two or three strands of strands of wire with the same or different diameter.

Terms of use

First of all, it is worth warning everyone who buys a cable for work. It is quite thin, so if you braid the cable with your own hands incorrectly, it will unravel. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, this is possible due to poor quality products. Usually it concerns very thin elements. In addition, it should be remembered that the thinner the wire diameter in the strands, the more often the cable breaks. The product is also often corrosive. Therefore, it is better to buy a cable with anti-corrosion coating. To date, the most resistant to corrosion are products made of stainless or galvanized wire. But the cable without such a coating rather quickly becomes covered with a corrosive coating, deteriorates quickly and can break at the most inappropriate moment.

the cable gets loose

The most reliable in operation is a galvanized steel cable made using the specific method of braiding steel wires of different diameters. At the same time, the core located in the center has an increased resistance to different effects, since it is coated with a special lubricant and impregnation, which has an anti-rotten property.

The main task in the care of a steel product during its use is the safety of its structure and shape, which was created at the time of manufacture. This means that such a rope should be stored only in the drum.In cases of long-term storage, the entire surface of the steel rope must be carefully treated with a special lubricant. For these purposes, a special lubricant or film is used:

  • "Torsiol-55";
  • Torsiol-35;
  • BOZ-1.

The main condition during the application of the lubricant is to clean the entire cable surface from dirt, remove dirt, clean up the parts damaged by corrosion. Damage sites must be coated with a special anti-corrosion agent. And only after that with the help of a special brush to treat the entire surface of the product with a lubricant.


how to braid the rope in a loop

How to braid the cable? This question always arises when it breaks. In fact, all the strands of wire, woven into a single product with a strong core, have high strength. But there are times when even the most durable cable can break. The main thing is that a gap or a place of damage to the integrity of the element is detected in time. To do this, it is necessary not to neglect the extra test, which should always be carried out before starting any work.

To prevent the cable from getting loose, it is necessary to braid it with a loop in places of possible rupture. And the unraveled areas bite off with pliers.This is necessary so that the end at the place of the plexus of the cable in the loop is smooth, all the wires converge and do not have different lengths.

How to braid the cable, if never faced a similar problem?

how to braid the cable

In order to properly braid the steel product, you need an I-beam. Through it, as a rule, the ends of the product are bent. Excess parts are cut off or cut off by a cutting wheel. If there is an angle grinder, the remnants of the cut-off part from the cable must be disposed of.

All work is carried out in the presence of special clothing. Mittens and goggles will prevent small wires from getting into the eyes and reduce the likelihood of splinters from the cut residues.

Step-by-step instruction

As a rule, sooner or later, any cable unravels. First you need to spread out the cut-off sections of the cable at a distance from the end of the product at 70-80 centimeters. Then the unraveled parts should be divided into two parts. Next, you need one part of the piece to braid on one or two turns, leaving free ends. After which you will need a mount. With its help it is necessary to weave two more turns, weaving the remaining strands. Should get a strand. True, the ends after that will stick out.

to braid the rope with your own hands

And yet, how to properly braid the cable, if the ends are uneven? In fact, everything is correct. After the interlacing of the strands in the loop, protruding ends will always be obtained.

To complete the connection, you need to wind one end on two woven branches and hide, and the other end of the cable to make the winding on the reverse side. Better yet, take the three parts and weave them together, according to the braid principle, and wrap the braid with a third strand, then weave a loop and wrap around the braid again.

The whole procedure is repeated several times until the free ends are finished. Moreover, each rod must be sent to meet the next inside the pigtails, with the institution of their ends.

Often beginners face the problem of how to braid the cable. And for them it is really a dangerous job. Therefore, to avoid injury and to give the plexus greater reliability, the woven pigtail should be fixed in several places with the help of special clamps. The role of the clamp can perform the usual pieces of steel wire. They are wound in a certain area at the place of the plexus strands with pliers, bending inward the strands of wires.

Safety at work

To avoid injury, the pigtail must be wrapped with electrical tape.

braid the end of the cable

To get a strong connection after weaving, it is necessary to distribute the strands evenly. This will allow in the future to equally distribute the load throughout the product during operation.

We disassembled how to braid the rope in a loop. Thus, we dealt with this issue. But how to braid the fire on the cable? To do this, you must first understand what is fire and the principle of weaving.

Basics and features of the device

Before proceeding to the manufacture of fire, you need to fasten the ends of the product with the help of the brand, then dissolve the rest of the end into strands. The next step is to lay out the unraveled part of the cable with a loop of the required size and punch the undercarriage of the strands. There are many methods to weave light on a cable.

It is important to make the first piercing correctly, if the curved side of the punch is turned to the working part, and the running gears of the cable strands are located on the right. In this case, you need to take the first chassis strand, hold it in a cable against the descent in the direction from right to left under the 3 main strands.The second and third strands break under two and one respectively.

When the punching of the first three strands is completed, the light must be turned over so that it is possible to pierce the fourth and fifth undercarriage of the strands. And so on until the end of the cable. The remaining ends of the running strands need to be chopped off, and the product itself is crimped with wire.


A cable is a complex wire construction that carries great responsibility. Therefore, the quality of the product must be top notch, and for this you need to know how to weave a steel cable correctly, how to properly braid it in a loop. And even if the work is done for the first time, it is still necessary to do everything qualitatively, firmly and securely. To do this, even a beginner must know and understand the main nuances of rope weaving. It is important to remember that the quality of operation of the product and, of course, its own safety depend on the work performed.

We made out tips for a newbie how to braid a cable.

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