How to burn a game to disk?

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How to burn a game to disk?

Today, downloading a game from the Internet is not a problem for almost any gamer. However, games every year occupy more and more space on the computer. Sometimes, I really want to download a new game, but there’s no space on the hard drive, but I don’t want to delete anything.

In this case, just the usual disks on which you can burn games can be useful, which will free up a lot of space on the computer. But not every gamer knows how to do it. How to burn the game to disk, you can read below.

How can I burn a game to disk

Today, usually from the Internet download games with the extension .mdf, .iso and .nrg. These are the so-called disk images, which are made using special programs. These files are an archive that contains all the game installation files, just like on a regular disk. To open these files and install them, use the programsburn game to diskwhich mount this disk image into a virtual drive and open it like a regular disk. This is similar to how you insert a disk into a disk drive, it only happens in the virtual space of your computer.

But often gamers prefer to write these files to real blanks, then to transfer to a friend or leave a game for memory. To do this, you can use both the Windows software and all the same programs downloaded from the Internet. Moreover, the program will be much more convenient to use and configure the recording than the standard tools.

Consider the example of the popular program Alcohol 120%, as you can create a disc for the game.

Burning the game to the disc on the example of the program Alcohol 120%

First you need to have the disk image itself in .mdf, .iso or .nrg format. The latter format is very rare, and .iso is almost always the standard for games.burn game to diskToday. Then you need to download the program itself Alcohol 120% and install it on your computer. If at the first start the program freezes a bit, then do not be afraid - it creates virtual drives for work.

After installation, you can start recording the game to disk. To do this, insert the disc into the drive and wait for it to load. In the program Alcohol 120% in the toolbar, click "Burn images to disk." A window will appear where you can specify the path to the game files. After you simply press “Start”, and after a certain time, which can be seen on the timer recording, the game will be recorded on the disk.This disk can now be used to install and run the game on any other computer. But always after successful recording it is worth checking the performance of the disk.

What if the game is not in disk image format

It so happens that the game downloaded from the Internet just looks like a bunch of files with different extensions that are not disk images. This game is written to disk immediatelyburn game to diskwill not work. First you need to convert all files to one - the disk image of the desired format. This is also easily done through the Alcohol 120% program.

In the program, you must click "create images", and then specify in the path to the game files. After some time, the files will be converted and saved on a computer as a disk image. Then it will be possible to write this image on a pig.

After installation, you can delete both regular game files and a disk image from a computer so that they do not occupy precious space. A disc with a game can be used in the same way as a regular installation disc.

How to burn to disc from a regular disk

If you just want to make a copy from a regular disk, then all actions are repeated just as if the files were on the computer.You insert a game disc, launch Alcohol 120% and create a disc image, and then burn that image to a blank.

The easiest way to crank this procedure is for those who have multiple drives.

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