How to buy on ebay and save?

eBay is one of the largest English-language trading platforms. Here you can meet sellers from China, Japan, Korea, the old and the new world, and purchase everything from a rare radio to a fashionable coat from a new collection. At first glance, the mechanics of a resource are complex, but if you look into it, you can save a lot of money on purchases. Today we will understand what is buying on eBay and what they eat.

What challenges do newbies face?

  • The language barrier. The site itself is not translated into Russian, you will have to rely either on the “Russian stores” section, or on Yandex or Google translator.

  • You can not pay through e-wallets. Webmoney or Qiwi - not assistants in working with eBay. Especially for purchases on this site you will need to register and verify your identity in PayPal.

  • The principle of the auction. On the site, you can find goods at a fixed price, but when you first get acquainted with a resource, it is difficult to understand where everything is and how to buy it.

It would seem that if there are such disadvantages - why bind in principle with eBay? Basically, for the sake of low prices and original products from all corners of the earth.For example, the phone ZTE AXON A2016 ION GOLD will cost $ 165 (about 11,000 rubles), in Russia you can buy the same for 13,000. In addition, the country where the device is manufactured is China, and on eBay Spain. The benefit is obvious.

How to get started with eBay?

To get started is to deal with PayPal. Register in the system, verify your identity and link bank cards (Visa Classic and Mastercard cards will do). It will not take a lot of time, but in return you will be able to buy quickly and safely. If suddenly with the receipt of a purchase on eBay "does not grow together" - the money will be returned to you guaranteed in any case.

Next you need to go through a simple registration process. Pay attention to the shipping address. You will have to write it in transliteration. Make no mistake when entering a zip code! It will be unpleasant not to get a new phone or a collection of bottle caps due to carelessness.

Then it will remain to link PayPal to your eBay account and enjoy your shopping!

How to buy on eBay?

On the resource you can buy:

  • Products at a fixed price;

  • Auction lots.

You can find what you are looking for either through a search line or in the product catalog. When choosing a seller, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it sends goods to your country and how much it will cost you

Additionally, you should pay attention to the reviews about the seller (if any) and the period of return (all of a sudden a thing will not work or a defective one will come).

Understand that in front of you - an auction or sale at a fixed price, you can in the item card. If this picture is in front of you:

So the price is fixed. You can click on the "Buy Now" button and place an order or "Add to Cart" and continue shopping. If the product you need is not very urgent and you want to buy it at the lowest price - add it to your wish list. The system will inform you about the reduction in the price of goods.

In principle, eBay provides quite a few ways to save:

  • Section "Daily deals". In it you can find products with discounts from 9 to 50%, popular products of the week, collections, selected at a certain price (up to $ 10, for example) and items with free shipping. All products are presented in limited collections, you need to buy quickly - as long as it is cheap and the goods are in stock.

  • Discount codes distributed as promotions. You can find them in the mailing list from the resource or on specialized coupon cards. For example, on the Kodobi website you can find eBay promotional codes for a wide variety of product categories.

Before buying, look at promotions and promotional codes - maybe the right product will be cheaper to buy.

If the item card looks like this:

So, before you auction lot. Trading takes place according to the following scheme:

  • In the input field enter the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of the lot. Click the "Place Bet" button.

  • Other bidders charge their price. If it is below the maximum bid - they can either raise the price (until it becomes the maximum bid) or refuse to bid.

  • If your bid has been slaughtered, a notification letter will be sent to the post office. Then you can either raise the bid or refuse to bid.

  • The auction lasts a week. Wins in the bidder who offers the maximum bid at the end of the auction.

If the goods are in demand, the bidding will be hot. And here there is a trick: in the network you can find the program - "Snipers". They will bid for you and interrupt the opponent's bids for seconds before the end of the auction.

At the auction you can buy things at prices much lower than storelifting or rare things that are simply not to be found in retail outlets.

In the first few days, it will be difficult for a newbie to deal with eBay.It will take several hours to learn all the subtleties of the search for goods and their economical purchase. But we are sure that following the tips from this article, shopping on an online auction you will only be happy.

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