How to charm a man?

We all know that love cannot be forced. And what if not by force? Do you want to conquer a man - do it unnoticed. Much depends on you. Understand how to charm a man - you will be happy. Let's see how you can conquer, captivate, charm and seduce the representative of the stronger sex.

First meeting

So you met "Him." You understood it practically at first sight, from the first words. You should not follow the myth that a woman should not show even the slightest initiative. In fact, the very first signal is sent by the representatives of the weaker sex. A man must first feel that you are ready to make contact with him, otherwise he may not decide to make acquaintance with you. You send a signal, but it does not oblige you to take serious action. You are looking at exactly who reacted to it, who sent you a response signal that you were noticed and are choosing the right candidate.

So what should this signal be? How to charm a man at the first meeting? It's simple - it's nice enough to smile and make a friendly look,then the man will definitely cheer up and go to meet you.


Now your task is to get into his personal zone. That is, get so close that he can turn his full attention on you, look at you, smell you, catch your look. A look should be a little playful, a little mysterious and as if lingering. You can cheat: drop something to be active and help you raise it. Just remember to thank him. Watch how he reacts to you, and don’t rush to run away immediately after he helps lift your purse, umbrella or other thing. Do not hope that he immediately rush after you after him.

How to charm your man

If the most difficult path is covered, and the acquaintance has begun, the matter is left to small things - to charm, to conquer, to conquer. Of course, this is not so easy to do, because now a smile will not be enough. In fact, the struggle for the male heart begins only now.


You know him, you see him quite often. Like every woman, you always notice how he looks, whether he shaves or not, what his mood is. So are men.They do not show this, but they notice a lot in us. Let the change in shade of your lipstick will remain unnoticed, but otherwise be more vigilant.

Keep track of your clothes and hairstyle. Dress tastefully, nicely and neatly. No need to wear very vulgar, open clothes. Do not try to find out what color he likes and wear, say, only orange outfits, because he prefers this color. You yourself know what exactly is more to your face. Your clothes should say that you are an independent, individual, sexy girl with good taste.

Common interests

But to his interests, his hobbies, be careful. Remember, common interests unite people. Collect information about his hobbies and show, inadvertently, that you also have an interest in this topic, but not very big. Or maybe he can clarify something for you or help you make the right choice? Do not doubt that he will begin to communicate with you more often, to talk about everything. You, most importantly, listen and do not interrupt. Give a man a chance to show how smart he is and show that you like to communicate with him.

Culinary addictions

Gradually and quietly collect information about what dishes he prefers. Learn to cook everything that he loves, but do not try to tell him about it. Patiently wait for a situation that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your talents, then you will simply stun him.

All men love to eat. Somehow, by the way, tell me that you really like to cook. Not intrusive, let him know that this is only a small part of your talents. Let him form the opinion that only you will be able to take good care of him.


If he already realized that you are a real “star” and was a little scared, let him know that you are accessible to him. This can be expressed with a look, it is possible with words (of course, you should not say directly: “I am available for you”, some words have a hidden meaning). And now, when he rushes to you for the continuation of communication - close from him. Enough. You have already cooled down, and he will have to put a lot of effort to regain your position.

Consolidation of the result

Every man hides a small child. Their needs and desires are small, but if you do not pay attention to them, do not be gentle and affectionate, they turn into unbalanced capricious creatures.How to charm your man? Be kinder to the chosen one, do not judge him for shortcomings, accept as he is. Pamper him periodically and do not make the worst mistake - never humiliate his manhood, otherwise you will lose him once and for all.

Want to be loved by him always? To cause admiration in a year, two, five, ten, forty years? Think this is impossible? Be always in good spirits, show him your individuality and independence and see that everything is real.

You yourself know how to charm a man. Every woman is endowed with this gift, only you need to feel it in yourself. Love your man, be loved and never forget to appreciate and respect yourself, because you are a person and that is how you will fall in love with everyone around you.

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