How to choose a toaster?

Some people consider the need for a toaster in the kitchen to be an exaggeration, as they say - bread can be roasted in a frying pan. Maybe in some ways they are right, but in a toaster the bread is fried without butter, which is a plus, and you don’t have to stand at the stove tossing the bread, the toaster will do it all for you. How to choose this technique we will describe in this article.

What toaster to buy

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, we will tell what you should pay attention to when choosing a toaster. For a start it is worth saying that the best toaster is an automatic toaster. Since it is the most practical, and requires you to a minimum of labor costs, to prepare toast.

Characteristics of the toaster:

  • The size.
  • Functionality.
  • Power.
  • Modes.
  • Removable tray.
  • Additional features.

Let us consider all the characteristics in more detail.

The size

It depends on the size of the number of toasts that you can cook at one time. The largest toaster allows you to simultaneously fry 4 slices of bread. In this case, the location of divisions for bread may be different, as two lines of two divisions, and one division one after another. Choose a more comfortable look for you.If you live alone, then it makes sense to buy a compact toast on two slices of bread.


In addition to the usual toasters, for home use, there are also conveyor toasters (used to prepare a large number of toasts in cafes and restaurants), toaster grills. In addition to cooking toasts in toaster grills, you can fry buns, meat, fish, vegetables. However, carefully study all modes of the toaster grill, before buying it, for example, on the presence of the function of cooking burgers. A convenient thing is also a grill for heating buns, because they are much more tasty warm.


It is the power of the toaster that will determine the time for making toasts. If you are not limited in time, you can not take a powerful toaster.


Namely, the presence of a toaster thermostat and timer. The first allows you to set different modes of toasting bread, usually six, but sometimes more. And the second sets the cooking time. In addition, the presence of the button on the toaster, which allows you to stop grilling, is important, if the selected mode fries the toast faster than you expected.A useful feature may also be the mode of heating the bread (or cold toast).

Removable tray

Having a removable crumb tray will relieve you of the difficulties of cleaning the toaster. If there is no such pan, you will have to turn the toaster over after cooking and shake the crumbs out of it, which is very inconvenient.

Additional features

Various “lotions” can be attributed to them, for example, the centering function, which places the piece clearly in the center, which allows the bread to roast in the most optimal way and not to burn anywhere.

Another additional function is the high lift of the pieces, which will allow you to load small slices of bread into the toaster and easily remove them after cooking.

In addition to the above characteristics, the material of the toaster is important, it is important that it is heat resistant, which protects you from the likelihood of getting a burn when you touch the toaster during its operation. Also pay attention to the stability of the equipment and the length of the cord.

And separately worth staying on the design. The truth for originality always has to pay extra,but who doesn't like a transparent toaster? In children, it can cause indescribable delight, because they will be able to observe the transformation of bread. A wall toaster can also be a convenient and stylish attribute of your kitchen.

Toast stamps

In order to amuse your loved ones, you can also purchase stamps for toasts that will allow you to make toasts with pictures. Their action is based on squeezing the pattern on a piece of bread, and due to the different density of the bread, it is fried in different shades.

In addition to how to choose a toaster, you should also know how to use it correctly:

  • Do not place the toaster with a number of flammable objects.
  • Do not cook or heat packaged products in the toaster.
  • Do not cover a working toaster.
  • Clean only the cooled toaster, while disconnecting it from the network.
  • Do not wash the toaster or allow water to enter it.

Now you know how to choose a toaster. Which one is best for you, you can decide. Be aware that a toaster will fill your morning with the aroma of freshly roasted bread, and if you treat cooking toasts creatively, it will also lift your spirits.

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