How to pick up a rouge?

One of the important elements in the women's cosmetics are blush. By applying them, you can not only emphasize the contour of your face, but also correct the imperfections of the skin, if any. On how to choose the rouge and the rules of their application, we will set out in the article you are offered.

How to choose the color of blush

  • The most versatile type of rouge today is considered to be the classic powder blush. It is they who prefer most of the female, as they are almost universal. To hide the greasy shine professional beauticians advise that it is powdery blush for women with oily skin. They have a dense texture that is well applied and lies flat on porous skin. In order to achieve the perfect color for you, you can mix different colors of this type of rouge. If you want your blush to look more natural, remember one rule: first of all, powder is applied to the face and only then blush.
  • Do you have dry face skin? Then you better take a blush on a cream base.They will lay down better on dry skin, as they contain oils and moisturizers. Apply the base toner to the face, and then apply cream blush with the pads of the fingers. Powder the face after the done manipulations. Effective will be cream blush for evening makeup.
  • There are still liquid and gel blush. They dry quickly because they do not contain oils. There is a small rule of applying such blush: apply them on clean skin of the face or on a tonal basis, but in no case on top of powder. Properly applied gel blush will provide you with a feeling of freshness for a long time. Such blush is moisture resistant. If your skin is dry, then gel blush should be discarded.
  • Blush with glitter or with a bronze effect is not an attribute of everyday makeup. Use them only in special cases. Blush with glitter, apply to the forehead, cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes, giving the effect of shimmer in the evening or a festive make-up. The summer version of the makeup are the original blush bronze shade. Zaretushiruyte them small defects on the skin of the face.Remember, to not look vulgar, such blush is applied only to dark skin, or if you already have a tan.

How to apply blush

Determine the area of ​​application of rouge can be done by doing a simple exercise. Stand in front of the mirror and smile at your reflection broadly, but naturally. See the contour of the cheekbones? Excellent! This is the area on which blush is applied.

In order to apply blush with a brush, it is necessary to continuously drive it up and down, thereby creating a uniform layer. You can achieve this result with a sponge by making circular motions evenly.

For a harmonious combination of lipstick tone with a touch of blush, adhere to the following rules:

  • pick up a blush of red or pink to lipstick in red;
  • peach-colored blush combined with apricot and coral tones of lipstick;
  • if the lipstick is brown tones, pick up a blush with a bronze tint;
  • Blush pink tones combined with lipstick only the same shades.

Before choosing a blush, determine the color of your face. For daytime makeup for women with light skin suitable blush pale pink tones, and for dark skin - beige-pink or crimson tones. The universal tone is peach.

Makeup artists recommend that women with rounded faces should apply a rouge from the cheekbones to the temples, and in the opposite direction, if the face is thin.

Do not apply rouge in large quantities. A minimum of rouge will give freshness to your face. Excess dry blush clean brush or powder, liquid will have to wash off and apply makeup again.

Rules for applying blush:

  • apply a foundation or powder and only then a compact blush brush;
  • apply a foundation, then cream blush with a fingertip or sponge, and only after that powder.
  • when applying any rouge start with the protruding parts of the cheekbones, and then shade.

Now you know how to choose the right blush. Be healthy and beautiful.

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