How to choose the right vacuum cleaner?

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner? The purchase of this device, without which purity in the house is unthinkable, can now cause confusion, since there are enough varieties of vacuum cleaners. Let's try to figure it out. In addition to external factors (shape, color, size), there are many other parameters that are most important. The main indicator of the vacuum cleaner's work is the efficiency of cleaning the floor, which is affected by engine power and the filtration system.

It's amazing how many varieties of one device can be and how many cleaning options there are.

The most common type of vacuuming -dry cleaning. This kind of vacuum cleaner is found in almost every home. For dry cleaning of linoleum there is enough power up to 300 kW. But if you keep animals at home or you have carpets on your floor, then this power may not be enough. A vacuum cleaner with a power of 300 to 450 kW is necessary.

Separately, it is necessary to mention vacuum cleaners,which carry out a wet cleaning. These "washing" models, although they are several times more expensive, have a number of advantages. With the help of such a vacuum cleaner, it is easy to carry out a wet cleaning in the room. What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy? First of all, pay attention to the famous brands, they are reliable and unpretentious in their work.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner? If we talk about the convenience of operation, then it is necessary to mention the dust collection tanks. Agree that the problem with its transportation to the garbage box is long overdue.

Vacuum cleaners of the last generation collected the extracteddust in special pouches. In such vacuum cleaners bags can be both disposable and permanent, which must be shaken out after cleaning. Typically, this type of vacuum cleaner is inexpensive. However, you have to pay for everything: either by buying replacement packages or by cleaning permanent ones. Operation with removable packages eventually results in additional costs, but by acquiring a permanent one, you get a modest and sound decision.

As for me, the best option for homeare vacuum cleaners with a container for dust and debris. Thanks to this vacuum cleaner, you will not be wasted on additional packages, and garbage should be simply thrown out of the container and washed. To improve the quality of dust collection, you should also periodically wash the filters that are installed on this type of vacuum cleaner. As a result, we obtain an excellent dust collection quality. The disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner is an increased noise level, but this is an acceptable sacrifice for a quality result.

Advanced technologies offer us the opportunityUse the novelty - a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. This device during the process tightens the air with dust and passes through a layer of water, after which the air remains clean. After cleaning, the water pours out. What kind of vacuum cleaner with aquafilter is better? This question is difficult to answer, because the technology is new, the only thing you can advise is buy from trusted brands.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner? Pay attention to such a trivial thing as the length of the cord. When choosing the best way to buy vacuum cleaners with a length of six meters - it will be convenient to clean the premises.

The development of information technology establishes new safety standards for technology, adding a variety of "protective functions".

It is necessary to note the function of the start inhibitengine, it will protect you from trouble, if you forgot to install a dust collection box - the engine just will not turn on. In addition, modern models are equipped with a function of temperature protection against overheating, it turns off the vacuum cleaner, in the event that the temperature of the engine becomes critical, and the smooth start function will protect the motor of the vacuum cleaner from excessive loads.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner? Agree, there are enough nuances. Therefore, before choosing such a necessary thing as a vacuum cleaner, take the time to study the offer and characteristics, then the purchase will not disappoint you.

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