How to close the radiator?

February 3, 2015
How to close the radiator?

Most motorists warm their "swallows" for the winter. To do this, drivers close the grille with improvised means. Thanks to this procedure, the car engine warms up faster, fuel consumption decreases, and the temperature in the cabin rises. In this article, we will look at how to close a car radiator.

How to close the grille yourself

What is required

  • cardboard or heavy paper;
  • heat-insulating material (for example, which is used to insulate baths or saunas);
  • gum for linen.

Insulation process

  1. Prepare stencils of cardboard or paper grates: circle the grids along the contour and carefully cut the blanks.
  2. Then, using the resulting paper or cardboard stencils, cut the blanks from the selected insulation.
  3. Next, attach the workpiece from the material to the grating and cut off the excess, if there is a need.
  4. Then stretch the underwear around the grids. It is better to take gum thickness of about five millimeters.
  5. Then make a cut in the blanks at the joints with an elastic band.
  6. Install heat insulating material under the rubber bands.
  7. To achieve better insulation, you can sew leatherette cover. Inside the cover is placed insulating material and set on the grid.
  8. Many drivers insulate the grille with the help of ordinary cardboard. To do this, fit the old box, cut into pieces.
  9. Also, a closed grille can be purchased at a specialty store. On some foreign cars can be found in the sale mechanism, which is a system of blinds. If you do not want to spoil the look of the car, then the purchase protection - an alternative to manual work.
  10. In severe frosts, you can apply an integrated approach and insulate not only the radiator, but also the hood and engine protection.

How to insulate the hood of a car

  • If you make the insulation of the hood on its own, then a reliable way - heat insulation. To do this, you need to put a special material (for example, felt or mineral wool) under the hood cover.
  • The old "old-fashioned" way - wrapping the engine with a blanket. Now on sale there is a huge amount of special auto blankets that are safe to use.Remember that it is important to buy blankets only from high quality materials to avoid fire.

How to insulate engine protection

  1. Remove the engine protection, and then clean and degrease the structure.
  2. Choose heat-insulating material and prepare patterns around the perimeter of protection.
  3. Next, secure the insulation to protect with glue.
  4. Put the protection in place.
  5. Then clean and degrease the sump pan and heat insulation.

If you take care of weatherization of one or several elements in your car, you can reduce the time for warming up the car and reduce the consumption of gasoline.

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