How to connect the MFP?

MFP or multifunction device can simultaneously print, scan and make copies of documents. This is possible because this device combines a printer, an integrated scanner and a fax machine. Many users face various problems associated with setting up and connecting such equipment. The methods of how to connect the multifunction device to a laptop or computer do not differ from the methods used to connect conventional printers. If the MFP will be used to work on a network of several computers, then it is worth buying a network MFP, because all functions — both printer and scanner — will be available on all computers. Such devices should have WiFi connectors, this will make it easier to configure when connected wirelessly.

Connecting the MFP via WiFi

Usually, this device is connected via WiFi only through a special access point. Especially when connected to a laptop. You can connect a printer or MFP via Wi-Fi directly to a laptop only using a USB cable.

  • Before you connect the MFP via WiFi, you first need to configure an access point.
  • After that, you need to configure the WiFi on the device itself and then connect to the access point. Next, drivers for the MFP or printer are installed on the computer and a printer or MFP connected to the network is located.
  • You must enable the MFP and enter a number of parameters. After that, you need to select the next item to connect the multifunction device via a wireless WiFi network and click "YES" in the dialog box.
  • Next, select the “Quick Setup” item.
  • When the device detects a suitable network, you will need to enter the encrypted Wi-Fi network code, which is set in the Wifi router settings.
  • Then you need to check and confirm the entered network code. When the all-in-one is connected to a Wi-Fi access point, the indicator should turn blue.

Connecting the MFP to a computer

Connecting the printer to the computer, you must use a specially installed driver. Before you connect the MFP to a computer, you need to install the drivers on the fax and scanner. Otherwise, the installation of the printer and the MFP is similar.

  • Before installing the device, it must be connected to the mains and, accordingly, to the computer.After that, the device driver is installed. If the printer or the MFP is new, then, according to the instructions, it is necessary to remove the transport tapes of yellow or orange color, they are clearly visible.
  • Then tediously turn off the device and connect it to the computer’s USB port using a USB cable. After that, turn on the device.
  • The computer will detect the MFP or printer, and the operating system at the bottom right will display a message “Found new hardware” in the new window, with the specified device name. Then the new equipment installation window will open - “Master of new equipment”, where it will be shown later how to install the MFP. Namely, you need to click the "Next" button, of course, after inserting the driver disk into the drive.
  • After you install all the necessary drivers, you need to open the "Start" menu. There you need to go to the tab "Printers and Faxes". You can also do this in the “Control Panel”, where you can see in the “Printers and Faxes” window whether the MFP is installed. In the event of a problem, this device will not be displayed at all.
  • If the installation was successful, then you need to check the print quality. To do this, right-click on the name of the device or printer and call the "Properties" that open from the drop-down list.Then, in the dialog box, click "Test Print".
  • It is possible to install the software and driver of the MFP directly from the disk attached to the device. To do this, insert the disk with the software drivers and into the drive. After the disk autorun, the menu should open where you need to activate the installation of programs and drivers by clicking on the caption or the corresponding button.
  • In addition, device drivers can also be installed while in the “Printers and Faxes” section. To do this, double-click on the words "Install Printer". After that, the device installation wizard starts and the corresponding dialog box opens. In this window, you must click "Next" and in another dialog box, click "Local printer connected to this computer." In case you want the OS to find the connected device on its own, then you need to tick the box “Automatically detect and install a PnP printer”. After this, the search for the device and the installation of its drivers begins. The driver disk is in the drive.
  • If there are no drivers suitable for the device, then it is necessary to visit the site of the MFP manufacturers and from there download the appropriate driver for your OS or Windows version.To do this, in the address bar of your browser, type the name of the manufacturer of the equipment, preferably in English, enter “ru” after the point and then press “Enter”. Thus, you will be taken to the Russian-language version of the site of the manufacturer. Drivers for downloading are usually presented in the form of a self-extracting archive that has an automatic launch of the installation. Due to this installation difficulties will not.

Setting up the MFP

Before you configure the MFP, you must be familiar with the parameters of the work.

  • You need to open the device settings and go to the "Fax Settings" menu, where you need to fill in all the fields. Be sure to specify the number and disable the error correction option.
  • Then you need to configure the settings for copying and saving pages.
  • If the multifunction device is used in the office, and there is a mini-ATC, then you need to update the software of the device. This is done on the official website of the company - the manufacturer of this device. After downloading the firmware file, you need to run it, after selecting your device and specifying the file.

Now you know all about how to connect the MFP to a personal computer, as well as a wireless device by means of using WiFi.This will help you quickly set up work in case of moving or buying a new device. You do not have to wait for the master or spend his call.

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