How to cook a delicious soup with dumplings?

Soup with dumplings is a nourishing and nutritious dish that even an aspiring cook can make on their own. However, it should be noted that for the preparation of such a dinner you may need quite a lot of free time. After all, to make a soup with dumplings, you must first fashion all the semi-finished products, and then boil them in vegetable broth. But first things first.dumplings soup

Soup with dumplings: recipe step by step cooking

To prepare the submitted dish should be phased. First you need to sculpt the semi-finished products with minced meat. Of course, they can be purchased at the store. But, as practice shows, the soup of such products is not very tasty. In this regard, we offer to make the first dish of homemade ravioli. For the test, we need:

  • rural average egg - 2 pcs .;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • warm boiled water - ½ cup;
  • Light high-grade flour - from 500 g (use to obtain a steep base).

Kneading dough

Before cooking soup with dumplings, you should knead the dough. To do this, beat the village eggs, using a fork, and then pour the table salt and pour warm boiled water. Having mixed products, it is required to gradually add high-grade flour to them. And it should be as much as the egg mass absorbs. As a result, you should form a steep base, which must be covered with a bowl and left for half an hour at room temperature.

soup with dumplings recipe

Mincemeat Products

To soup with dumplings turned out the most delicious, semi-finished products should be done using mixed minced meat. For its preparation, we need:

  • pork without fat and pits - about 300 g;
  • tender veal - about 300 g;
  • bitter large onion - 2 pcs .;
  • crushed allspice pepper and fine salt - apply at discretion.

Cooking Mince

To make a delicious filling for ravilets, rinse pork and veal in warm water, and then cut off all unnecessary elements.After that, the meaty pieces are required to be coarsely chopped and converted into minced meat using a meat grinder. Through the said device should be skipped and peeled bitter onions. In conclusion, the ingredients need to add chopped allspice and fine salt, and then mix well with your hands.

Form the dumplings

To soup with dumplings turned out not only tasty, but also appetizing, it is advisable to make meat semi-finished products of a small size. To do this, steep egg dough is required to roll into a thin layer, and then cut into circles using a glass or a small glass. Then in each product should be put a little stuffing and pinch the edges, forming a beautiful and tiny "ears."

soup with dumplings in a slow cooker

Blind all the dumplings, they need to put on a board, abundantly sprinkled with flour, and then put in the freezer for a while.

Ingredients for Broth

Soup with dumplings in a slow cooker turns out to be as tasty as on an ordinary stove. In this regard, for the preparation of this dish, we decided to use the second device.

So, to make a delicious broth, we need:

  • potatoes - 2 small pieces;
  • small carrot, but juicy - 1 pc .;
  • big sweet onion - 1 head;
  • deodorized oil - a few large spoons (add optional);
  • homemade salted tomato - 2 pcs .;
  • salt, fine, fresh greens any - apply to taste.

How to cook soup with dumplings on the stove?

To make such a dish, you must first clean all the vegetables, and then begin to grind them. First you need to chop the potatoes and onions in small cubes. Next, grate the juicy carrots. After that, deodorized butter should be heated in a pan and fry some of the ingredients.

how to cook soup with dumplings

Thus, onion and carrot must be placed in a hot stewpan. It is desirable to thermally treat them until they become transparent and golden. At the end of the vegetables must be flavored with fine salt.

After the sautéing of vegetables is completed, you should start boiling the broth. To do this, it is necessary to pour drinking water into the pot and boil it strongly. Next in the liquid is required to lower shredded potatoes and salted tomatoes, crushed in a mush without peel.Cook these ingredients preferably about 10 minutes. After that, they should put homemade frozen dumplings.

Boil the products, they need to cook for about hour. During this time, not only potatoes will become finally soft, but also minced meat in dumplings. At the same time you get a delicious and fragrant broth. If desired, it can be further flavored with salt.

Final stage

After the broth with dumplings and potatoes is fully prepared, you should add chopped greens to it, as well as previously saved vegetables. Bringing the ingredients to a boil, the pan must be removed from the stove and kept under a lid for about 5-9 to cook soup with dumplings

Properly served for dinner dumplings soup

Having sustained the first dish under the lid, it must be poured into soup bowls and presented to the household or invited guests in a hot condition. If desired, sour cream or mayonnaise, as well as fresh wheat or rye bread, can be additionally served for such a hearty and nutritious dinner.

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