How to cook a crab salad?

Today in the world of cooking there is a considerable number of various salads. Some are very simple, they consist of tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables from the garden, while others contain a huge amount of ingredients that you only need to get in the supermarket. In addition, in recent years, a certain fashion for salads. For example, a salad with Caesar crackers - has recently become fashionable.

Salad products

For salad, you need to choose only fresh and high-quality products. The second important ingredient is oil. It must be natural and have all the necessary flavors. But the most important thing in any nutritious salad is meat. It can be completely different: chicken, beef, or even crab sticks. So let's take a look at how to make crab salad.

First, let us ask what the crab sticks consist of. Their composition in all countries is almost the same: drinking water, minced fish, starch, vegetable oil, salt, vegetable protein and all sorts of food additives.Usually the composition can be found on the packaging. That is why one should not confuse crab sticks with tasty and noble crab meat. Now consider a few popular recipes for salads containing crab meat.

Festive Salads

  • The first salad is New Year's. For him we need 250 grams of crab meat or crab sticks, 100 grams of cheese, 2-3 cloves of garlic, one egg and a quarter of a lemon, bread croutons or crackers, and mayonnaise. Crab sticks are cut into cubes, cheese rubbed on a grated, now cut into small pieces of garlic and egg. Add crackers and mayonnaise. Salad ready.
  • The second type of crab stick salad is traditional. It has no name, but is prepared for each event. For him, we will need to buy crab sticks, cabbage, canned corn, and mayonnaise. Cut cabbage into small pieces, add sweet corn, cut into small cubes of sticks, dress with sauce and mix. This is the recipe for the second type of salad with crab sticks.
  • Now consider how to cook a salad of crab "Royal" for 4 persons. We will need 5 eggs, crab meat, sweet canned corn, oranges, garlic and mayonnaise. Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel and cut into small pieces.The next thing we need to grind is crab meat. We clean the orange, divide it into slices and cut it neatly. Garlic rubbed with a grater. Mix all the ingredients, add the corn and mayonnaise.
  • The fourth salad with crab sticks is more rare than the previous ones. You need to stock up on pasta, crab sticks, sweet peppers, fresh cucumbers, green canned peas and mayonnaise. First we need to boil the pasta. Then we cut crab sticks into small cubes, and cut cucumbers and peppers into strips. Mix the prepared ingredients and add the peas to the salad, then fill with mayonnaise.
  • The next version of how to cook a crab salad is a salad of crab meat and pineapples. We will need 400 grams of crab meat, one can of pineapples, 300 grams of cheese, a few cloves of garlic. Canned pineapples are best bought in cubes, so as not to have to cut them into small pieces. Chop crab meat, grate cheese, grate garlic and add mayonnaise to salad. Now we have a pleasant combination of sweet and spicy.
  • The simplest salad of crab sticks is a salad with crab sticks and corn. For him we will need to prepare 6 eggs, a jar of corn, a jar of mayonnaise, a pack of crab sticks. Cut crab sticks, add sliced ​​eggs and corn to them. To taste you can add onions. We fill all with mayonnaise and the salad is ready.

Thus, making a salad of crab sticks is very simple, it is only important to turn on your culinary fantasy.

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