How to cook stew with meat?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
February 1, 2013
How to cook stew with meat?

Vegetables with meat stew - tasty and rich dish. It is suitable as a family dinner, and for the holiday table. It can be cooked with various types of meat and with many different vegetables, and spices and garlic will give the stew a unique aroma and exquisite taste. This dish will be one of the favorite dishes of your family. But for this you need to know how to cook the stew with meat correctly, which vegetables are best to use and how much cooking will take time.

Cooking Vegetable Stew

For cooking vegetable stew, you will need:

  • 0.5 kg of pork or beef,
  • 4 large potatoes,
  • one bulb,
  • porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or replace them with 5-7 mushrooms,
  • garlic clove,
  • one sweet pepper,
  • one carrot, tomato,
  • salted or pickled cucumber,
  • one tablespoon of mayonnaise,
  • dried basil, spices, salt.

But do not forget, you can cook stews from everything that is in the refrigerator, you can combine different types of meat and vegetables,put something more than something less until you achieve the perfect, in your opinion, dish.

The process of cooking vegetable stew with meat

If you have a set of products, then you will now learn how to cook vegetable stew with meat. In fact, it is easier to cook, just follow the instructions and you will succeed.

  • Cut the meat into small slices or strips, add salt, spices, basil and mayonnaise. Stir and leave for five minutes to soak. At this time, preheat the pan with vegetable oil, add the meat and some water. Close the contents of the lid and simmer until tender.
  • Prepare the potatoes. It must be cleaned, cut into small cubes and boil until half ready. The water in which the potatoes were boiled, drain.
  • Next, grate the carrot on a medium grater, chop the onion and bell pepper into small squares. Fry the vegetables and add the sliced ​​mushrooms. When the vegetables are almost ready, toss the chopped tomato or tomato paste. Stew for another couple of minutes and set aside.
  • Cucumber should be cut into thin strips.
  • If the meat is ready, take the roaster or deep frying pan, put all the ingredients and fill with 2/3 water. Cover tightly and place in the oven, or simmer over low heat.
  • So, vegetable stew - a recipe with meat - it is very simple, healthy and tasty. The total cooking time of vegetable stew in this recipe with meat is 30-40 minutes, with an oven temperature of 190 degrees.
  • At the end, you can add green peas, beans, fresh dill or parsley.
  • It may happen that the stew turns out to be watery, then just add water.
  • Vegetable stew with meat, you can cook from frozen vegetables. Then you do not need to defrost them before cooking.

Bon Appetit! Tasty and flavorful dish - vegetables stew with meat - on your table.

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