How to copy text from PDF?

To copy text from a PDF file, you need to perform some simple procedures. Which ones, we will now tell.

How to copy text in a simple file

The easiest way to copy text from PDF? If the PDF is just text, and not text in the form of a picture, then look at the top panel of the program. If you find there an icon with a big letter "T", then boldly press it. This is the "Select text" tool, after selecting it, you can copy the desired text and then paste it into Word.

If there is Adobe Reader, open the PDF-document with this program, and you can copy the text. If these options are not possible, then you should try to copy the text differently.

Before you copy text from PDF, you need toselect on the Internet a program that will translate a document from PDF into a plain text document. There are many similar helper programs, they can be downloaded, or you can conduct a procedure for translating online. Such programs can be used for free. Simply insert the text you need into the window on the site, specify your email, attach a file with a PDF document and receive a letter with a text document.

You can download to the computer a program thatRecognizes the file and converts it to a simple text document from PDF format to doc format. The program is called "ABBYY FineReader". In this program, open your file. Download the file into the program, it recognizes and converts the document. Save it in Word. Now you can read and use the file without confusion and strange characters.

Working with a protected file

You can face a problem like protectionfrom copying or translation in a PDF document. Copy the text fails, and the information is simply necessary. What can I do if I can not copy text from a protected PDF? It is necessary to remove the protection, to translate the document into the doc format in the manner specified above. Enter in the search engine query "program to unprotect the PDF file" and find the right one. You need to transfer the required document to the program window, click the "Unprotect" or "Remove encoding" button (depends on the resource you are using). Remove the restrictions - protection from the file, save it in Word. Or, a window can indicate "Download file". Click on the window, select the desired document, click "OK".

You can, of course, use viruses thatremove protection from a PDF document. But this is not safe, because there is a possibility that after using this method, the file will not be converted to doc format.

You may not be able to copy text from PDFusing the program you are using. In this case, you should try to use other programs. Use the sample method to find the optimal program, even if it is English-speaking. Such programs translate files in Russian.

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