How to create a YouTube channel? How to name a YouTube channel?

YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world. From the very beginning of its existence, it gained the attention of a wide audience, and a year later it was acquired by Google. The project and today does not stand still and is developing rapidly. One proof is the billion registered users. And many are interested in the question: "How to create a channel on YouTube?" And it is worth understanding in detail.

The fact is that YouTube’s video hosting can be used not only for watching videos, which is far from everyone’s knowledge. The service allows its users to earn, distribute advertising information, as well as to promote their own web-resources. Those who are interested in these opportunities, you must have an account on this site. Creating it is very simple, but first you should get acquainted with the list of actions to be performed.

how to create a channel on youtube

Registration on the site and its advantages

Users of this online resource have the ability to view and download videos without registering on the site. But it just needs to be done before creating a YouTube channel. If only because registered users have a greater number of opportunities. Among them, it is worth mentioning adding video clips of our own production to the video hosting, saving files in the “Favorites” section, rating other people's videos, the ability to leave a comment, etc.

The registration procedure on this site is incredibly simple, you can even say that it is missing. This is because the service is one of Google’s products, as mentioned earlier. For this reason, for the free use of video hosting is enough to have an account on, which is also not difficult. The entire registration process will take no more than a few minutes, and it is so simple that the instructions for it are not useful. But before you create a channel on YouTube, you must not just be a full user of it, but also have a good knowledge of the service, using the most useful features.

how to call a channel on youtube

Use of video hosting

One of the main elements of the site page is the search bar located on top. It is necessary to enter search queries into it, and the system will provide the most suitable videos to them. In this line, you can select the desired category. In addition, at the top of the page there are buttons for managing your personal account and adding video files. The left side has various tools that will be useful when creating your own channel.

Using the site is quite simple, and even a beginner quickly adapts to it. After acquaintance with the service has been successfully completed, it is worthwhile to proceed to the process for which the previous steps were performed.

Channel creation

First of all, you need to think about how to name the channel on YouTube? You can choose any name or leave what is displayed in your own profile. Next you should find in the top menu a link called “YouTube Channel Settings”. In the general information of the first section there is a link “Create a channel”. It is necessary to click on it and enter a new name, if required.

After the procedure is completed, the service will independently open an additional window for making several required settings.Here it is necessary to indicate the features of the future channel and the need for restrictions for viewing by persons of a certain age. Press the "Finish" button, and the whole procedure of creating a channel is completed, after which it is ready to work. Each owner must be able to effectively use the resource. To do this, go through the list of basic settings. Making a YouTube channel (pictures will help to make it bright and interesting) is a very exciting process in which you immerse yourself, as they say, with your head. The main thing is to have a little imagination.

how to create youtube channel artwork

The most important channel settings

First of all, the user needs to go to the section called “YouTube Settings”. Further, the channel link is changed, which initially will be too long and incomprehensible, which will not attract any attention to it. This procedure is performed in the page information section - you need to click on the link “Create a custom URL”. It is best to enter in the field the name of your own channel.
In addition, it is possible to link the service with personal accounts in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They can broadcast information about available videos,which will attract more visitors. In the tabs "Privacy" and "Electronic Notifications" we set the settings at our own will.

how to call a channel on youtube

YouTube channel design

This process will take much longer than registering and adjusting settings. Before you create the design of the YouTube channel, you should think carefully about how it should be. From this factor will depend on the number of visitors, respectively, and video views. The channel description can be created in the section titled “My Channel”, for which you need to follow the “Details” link.

The desired text must be entered in the proposed form. The important point: here you need to effectively use keywords. With their help, it will be much easier for users to find a specific video.

 channel design youtube pictures

Play with different settings using the control panel - this will also affect the design of the channel. Their installation depends on the target audience and their own preferences. It is worthwhile to think about the page design in advance; then you will spend much less time on the procedure itself. Well, the question "how to create a YouTube channel" can be considered closed. It remains to unleash it, so to speak.

Channel use

youtube channel promotion

An important step in using the service is the promotion of the YouTube channel, which can take a lot of time and effort. To do this, you can use many different ways that will be aimed at attracting the audience and getting unique views. Before you do this, it is necessary, in addition to the above, to add your own videos. This can be done immediately after completing all the required settings using the panel at the top of the page. Remember that in the first two days from the moment of video upload to the channel, the service itself will try to promote your material in various search queries.

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