How to create another person?

Homo res sacra ... In other words, as the Latins say, man is a sacred thing. Man is not only a physical body with a set of physiological needs, but, first of all, a thinking being, burdened with intellectual and spiritual components. In different eras, people wondered: how to create another person? Let's consider the possible answers.

Stork, cabbage, shop and other pleasant moments

The first method and the most famous - with the help of a bird with a long beak and powerful wings, bringing kids. Of course, we are talking about childbirth. Adults should not explain where the rosy-cheeked wonderful babies come from, from which real personalities and full-fledged members of society then grow.

The beginning of the way

So, everything begins with pleasant meetings, kisses and further continuation of the relations of two representatives of different genders. Otherwise nothing, because it will be another way to create a person. It is desirable that the union of two bodies and souls be marked by some important event, which is called "marriage", becauseit is very important for the child’s upbringing that he has two parents, and a mother and a father. The first method is not only the most common, but also the most desirable for creating a full-fledged personality and bringing up a person with a capital letter. The birth of the baby is only the beginning of a long process of creating a new representative of the human race.


The next twenty years it is necessary to properly educate a child, to invest in it not only the basic set of knowledge of the school curriculum, but also by example to show the correct model of behavior in society, attitudes towards others, to form skills for an adequate perception of situations. It is important to cultivate philanthropy in a child, this is the only correct attitude towards one’s own kind, without which the existence and development of society is impossible. With this important component, humanity, nobility, kindness, and other qualities necessary for the creation of a true person will be formed. But you should not drive into your child irrefutable postulates of behavior, because the life path is very ambiguous, and a person very often has to maneuver in search of the right decision or reaction to a particular event.

Medicine and Adoption

If fate decreed that it is impossible to create a person in a natural way, they will come to the rescue ... No, not Chip and Dale, but the miracles of modern medicine - artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood. Such ways of creating a person are acceptable in the case of the physiological inability of the female body to conceive or bear a fetus, as well as male infertility. You can also refer to these methods in the case of gay marriage.

If this scenario is unacceptable for future parents, it makes sense to adopt a baby. This is a noble, good, necessary thing that solves the problem of the absence of children in the family. And the little man will be happy to find a mom and dad, because everyone knows that the gray days spent in an orphanage, not the best way affect the formation of personality. Again, the question of education arises: first of all, by example, and also by a kind word and, of course, love.

Timeless classics

You can create an image of a person, relying on the authority of famous classics. Reading good books affects how a person becomes a Man. We can observe the creation of an individual in the painful hurling up of student Rodion Raskolnikov, who appears before us in the novel Crime and Punishment.At the end of the novel, we see the present birth of a new man, a new Rodion, who was able to pass the way of trials and spiritual purification. A similar path passes Andrei Bolkonsky, the hero of "War and Peace."

In general, we are talking not only about such giants of thought as Leo Tolstoy or Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, but also about writers who are closer to us in a temporal context. The birth and formation of a personality is one of the most important topics in literature; therefore, using the example of literary heroes it becomes very important to become a real person, and not to step on your own rake and make painful mistakes.

How to create an image of a person in a fairy tale

Children's books are also very often raised the question of how to create another person with the help of magic. And at the same time in good faith and affordable answer to it. Remember Pinocchio - Pinocchio, which was created from logs and looks very much like a living boy. But the true formation of him as a person happened after he understood such simple truths as the need to be honest, believe in the power of good, love others and be fair.

The story of how the characters create a new person, we can meet in such tales as "Thumbelina", "Snow Maiden". The continuation of the race, the desire to have children, to give them your love is personified in fairy tales with similar options for creating new “people”, where people are made literally from improvised material. At the same time, the new member of the family usually has a meek temper, one hundred percent kindness, innate honesty and childish naivete. Fairy tales are unanimous: when a huge amount of love and patience is invested in the creation of a magical "child", he will definitely become a real person.

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