How to cut your nails?

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How to cut your nails?

The main function of nails is to protect the tips of the fingers from mechanical damage, besides the nails are very useful when combing. However, since ancient times, people have been instituted not only to care for their nails, but also to decorate them. This article will talk about how to cut your nails.

Nail growth

The intensity of the growth of the nail depends on many factors, especially it affects the nutrition of a person and his activity.

  • In men, nails grow more slowly than in women.
  • Fingernails grow by 1-2 mm per week. And the legs are slower - by 0.25-1 mm per week.
  • The nails on the active hand grow faster. For example, in right-handed people, they grow faster on the right hand.
  • In the summer nails grow faster than in winter.

Recommendations: how to cut nails

  • For cutting nails, use special scissors or nail clippers. Before the procedure, be sure to treat the devices with antiseptic.
  • Before cutting the nails, they must first be carefully cleaned.
  • When cutting the nail, you should not cut off all the white rim to the skin, it will save you from pain.
  • When cutting the nail, it is better not to cut it off in one motion, but to do it several times, so you will avoid damage to the nail.
  • If the corner edge of the nail is snug against the skin, use tweezers with a straight cutting surface, and be extremely careful not to damage the skin.
  • During trimming the nail, it is also advised to remove part of the cuticle in order to avoid burrs.
  • Use polishing files advise no more than once a month.
  • At the end of the procedure to give the desired shape of the nail and get rid of the roughness, you can use a nail file.

A healthy nail has a pinkish color and a smooth shiny surface. The appearance of the nail can determine the health of the body and the lack of various trace elements in the body.

How to cut toenails

  • On the legs, the nails are denser than on the hands, a softening bath should be taken before cutting them.
  • It is more convenient to cut toenails using tweezers with a straight cutting surface.
  • Toenails are better to give a flat shape, in order to avoid the ingrown nail.
  • Cut the toenails as they grow; for someone, the procedure should be done once every 2 weeks, and for someone once a month.
  • Be sure to regularly inspect your nails in order to notice the ingrowth of the nail into the skin and avoid disastrous consequences.
  • When the nail grows, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

How to cut your fingernails

When cutting the nails of the hands it is advised to give them a natural shape - the shape of the roundness of the fingertip. However, most women follow fashion trends.

How to cut nails newborn

The nails of newborns grow quickly enough, but immediately after birth, they are tight to the skin and very soft. You should not shear them immediately, you have to wait until they become denser. In order to avoid scratching them in the process of waiting, wear mittens-scratches, or swaddle your baby.

To cut the nails of the baby, it is better when he sleeps, if it is not possible, then cut them together. One ensures that the baby is lying quietly, and the other cuts.

When trimming, take the baby's finger between your two hoops, gently press down on the pad to separate the nail from the skin, and carefully cut the nail, it is better to use scissors, because with forceps you can hook on the excess.Some parents chew nails to babies.

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