How to determine the Quetelet index

All people, despite their age, gender and social status, think about their weight. The topic of weight loss is the most discussed on the pages of various forums and on television. There are various methods for determining the ideal weight, but not always they can tell the truth.

One of the most proven methods is the body mass index or Quetelet index. What is this method, what is its essence and how truthful it can be found in this article.

Quetelet index

Delve into history

This method was developed by the famous Belgian sociologist and statistician Adolph Quettlet in 1869. Since then, about 150 years have passed, and the technique still remains the most popular for determining the weight of a person older than 20 years.

Quetelet Index. Formula

Some women are not always able to adequately assess their weight. Some bring themselves to excessive thinness, and some, on the contrary, do not notice when their weight has already passed the measure. Therefore, a simple formula for determining body weight will help to find out whether the weight fits in with the norm or not.

The Quetelet Index is popular not only among ordinary people, it is also actively used by doctors. The formula for determining BMI is quite simple, for this it is necessary to divide body weight in kilograms by height, squared in meters. The resulting number and will talk about the state of weight of the person.

Quetelet Index. Norm:

  • Lack of body weight - below 19 units.
  • Normal body weight is 19.5–24.5 units.
  • Excess body weight - more than 25 units.

In turn, the lack of body weight is also divided into three types:

  • Severe shortage of body weight - less than 16 units.
  • The average shortage of body weight is 16–17 units.
  • Weak shortage of body weight - 17–19 units.

Overweight is divided into four subcategories:

  • Pre-obesity - 25–30 units.
  • Low degree of obesity - 30–35 units.
  • The average stage of obesity is 35-40 units.
  • A strong degree of obesity - more than 40 units.

Quetelet index norm

These indicators are typical for both men and women. As you can see, the range of normal body weight is quite large. This means that it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with diets in order to get into it. A person's normal weight is one in which you can feel healthy and energetic.

But still it is necessary to take into account that this formula has some limitations.First of all, this calculation is not suitable for pregnant, lactating women, the elderly, children and adolescents. Also, the rate may vary depending on the body type or the percentage of muscle mass of a person.

Calculation of body mass index in children

For a person under 20 years old, you can also calculate the Quetelet index, the formula for which will be the same as for an adult, but with some nuances. This is because children grow quickly, and their weight often changes. In order to determine whether the child’s weight is normal, you first need to calculate it using a standard formula, and then compare the results with the average data of children at the same age and the same sex. This can be done with the help of special diagrams developed by the US Center for Health Statistics in 2000.

Quetelet Formula

What threatens the shortage of body weight

Deficiency, like excess weight, adversely affects a person’s well-being and can cause diseases. First of all, for women it can turn into hormonal disruptions, including the absence of menstruation or problems with conception.Also, people with a weight deficit often experience fatigue, they have low immunity, they get tired more quickly.

Therefore, those who are too keen on diets and weight loss should monitor their weight and in no case should the Quetelet index fall below 17–19 units.

Quetelet mass index

What threatens overweight

Quetelet index over 25 units. indicates the presence of excess weight. But here, too, everything is ambiguous. If this figure went a little over 25, then there is no particular problem. In this case, it is enough to exercise regularly and adhere to proper nutrition. If these conditions are met, after just a few months you can easily bring the weight back to normal.

But if the indicator of body mass index is already more than 30 units, it is worth taking more effective measures, because this is the first degree of obesity. You need to start working on weight now, otherwise then it can significantly affect health.

In this case, it is better to consult a doctor, visit a nutritionist and sign up with a personal trainer. Highly qualified specialists with timely treatment will help restore weight to normal.

A BMI of over 40 units is already a severe stage of obesity.In this situation, without medical care is not enough. And the sooner it will be rendered, the better, because with such an indicator in the body irreversible consequences already begin.

When calculating the BMI also need to consider some of the nuances. For example, with a height of less than 160 cm, the Quetelet mass index can be 10–15% less, for athletes a slight excess of the indicator can also be considered normal, because it does not take into account muscle mass that weighs more than fat.

To keep track of your weight, and therefore health, is the basic obligation of every person. After all, only healthy people can truly feel the taste of life.

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