How to determine the ripeness of avocados in the store?

Avocado is a popular fruit. It is a part of sauces, salads, they are stuffed, rolls are made from it. Useful product and raw. In addition to excellent taste, it is also low-calorie. How to determine the ripeness of avocado, described in the article.


There are over four hundred types of fruit. But in stores only 3 types are sold:

  1. Californian.It has brown skin and a soft inner part. The product is perfect for making mashed soups, pasta for sandwiches, cocktails. This variety is sold throughout the year. Care should be taken: there may be dents under the dark skin.
  2. FloridaIt has a light green color and thick flesh. The skin of the fruit is thin, so if you do not plan to use it raw, you should use a knife. The product is suitable for salads, rolls, and because of its low calorie content, it is used in the diet.
  3. Pinkerton.The variety has a dark green color, it has a pimply skin.The fruit has a small bone compared to the Florida grade. This type of avocado is considered the best for rolls.
avocado how to identify ripeness

This fruit is rich in vitamin E, which protects cells from aging. The use of fruits reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, normalizes memory and reduces cholesterol in the blood. In order for the fruit to be healthy, you need to know how to determine the ripeness of the avocado.


Depending on the variety, the set of valuable properties may differ. But in general, avocado has the following benefits:

  1. The fruit is rich in vitamins and microelements, especially B and E.
  2. The pulp does not contain harmful fats and sugars, so the fruit is useful for people with diabetes. Avocados contain a lot of potassium, more than a banana.
  3. Fruit is great for cleansing blood from cholesterol due to the presence of oleic acid.
  4. The fruit is rich in vitamin E, which is not in such quantity in comparison with other fruits. This component rejuvenates the cells of the body, protects against viruses and premature aging of the skin.
  5. The fetus restores brain activity and memory, reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels due to the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  6. Normalization of the heart.The presence of potassium restores the water-salt balance, strengthens stress resistance.
  7. Pressure drop. This property is necessary for hypertensive patients. With regular use, pressure returns to normal.
  8. Normalized overall blood flow of the body. In avocados there is vitamin B2, copper, iron, which serves as protection against anemia, especially for children.
  9. Improved performance. Due to the presence of mannoheptulose, the nervous system is restored, drowsiness and fatigue are removed.
  10. Elimination of unbound radicals.
  11. Enhance immunity, which is especially important during the flu.
  12. Doctors advise people to use these fruits who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  13. In the fruit there are phytonutrienes and phytochemicals that destroy some types of tumors.
  14. Improved uptake of carotenoids.
  15. Strengthen teeth and bones due to the presence of calcium and phosphorus.

The fruits are useful for athletes and all people who want to increase muscle mass. This is achieved due to the high content of protein.

how to determine the ripeness of avocados in the store

Recommendations for selection

How to determine the ripeness of avocados in the store? You must first perform a visual inspection.It is necessary to check the fruit for stains, indentation, rot and other damage. Need to inspect the skin, dark fruits are considered more ripe.

It should be borne in mind that there are many types of fruits that differ in skin color, from dark green to brown. If you do not know what kind of fruit is sold, then you should not choose the largest avocado. Some dark green fruits have a large bone. Therefore, when choosing a large fruit will be a little flesh.

How to determine the ripeness of avocados on other grounds? You need to click on the fruit. If the pulp was selling a little, and the structure quickly recovered, the fruit is ripe, and if it is firm, it is not ripe. He can also be bought, but then at home he should live 3-4 days. If the dent is not restored, it means that the avocado is overripe.

How to determine the ripeness of avocado? You can do this by bone. You can not cut the fruit in the store, you need to shake it over your ear. If the stone taps, then the fruit is ripe. In the absence of sounds, it is not worth buying such a fruit, because it is unsatisfactory.

How to recognize avocado ripeness in a simple way? If after purchase there is no confidence in the ripeness of the fruit, then it should be cut off its stalk, determine the color of the cut point:

  1. If brown, the fruit is overripe.
  2. If it is yellow-green, it is not rested.
  3. If bright green, then ripe.

The fruit can not be consumed immediately after the incision of the cutting. But lest it darken, lemon juice should be dropped into this place. These are the main ways to determine the ripeness of avocado fruit.


To keep avocado ripeness, it must be stored in the refrigerator for 2-5 days. It is important that the fruit is farther from bananas and apples. It is advisable to place it on the last shelf of the refrigerator. But it should not be located near the back wall, as it can overcool.

avocados how to determine the ripeness of the fruit

Immature fruit

Eat this fruit should not be, it should be left before ripening. You must put the fruit in a paper bag and wrap it in a towel. In this form it should be stored in a dark place, for example, in a closet.

avocado ripeness

Aging lasts 2-10 days. To speed up this process will allow the placement in the package of a banana or apple. This fruit produces ethylene, which helps accelerate ripening.

Cleaning and use

You should know not only how to check the ripeness of an avocado, but also how it is cleaned and consumed. It is necessary to clean the fruit like this: cut it in half lengths and remove the bone. It is easy to remove, you need to pick it up from all sides with a knife.To remove the pulp, you should take a spoon or clean the half with a knife.

Then the pulp is kneaded into a creamy mass and cut into cubes, it all depends on what you need according to the recipe. The pulp of the fruit darkens when exposed to air. To prevent this, you need to sprinkle it with lemon juice.

how to check avocado ripeness

Avocados are eaten raw, spread on bread, salted and eaten as a sandwich. It is used to make salads, snacks, cocktails. Fruit is perfectly combined with fish, caviar, chicken, shrimps, cucumbers and tomatoes.

When dieting

Avocados can vary in calories depending on the variety. Those who want to be slimmer should choose the Florida look. It is grown in a humid tropical climate, it is rich in water and low in fat.

how to know the ripeness of avocado

The calorie content of avocado Hall varieties is 275 kcal / 100 g, and in Hass - 385 kcal / 100 g. Lovers of oily Californian varieties, if they follow the weight, need to limit the use of this product.

Thus, avocados need to be able to properly select and store. Only then can this useful product be able to fill the human body with valuable vitamins.

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