How to disassemble the remote?

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How to disassemble the remote?

Each house has household appliances that work from a remote control. Over time, the console may fail for various reasons. And in order to repair or clean the device, you will need to disassemble it.

How to disassemble the remote control

To perform this procedure, you need only a small screwdriver or a kitchen knife (preferably blunt).

  1. Before starting work, you must remove the batteries or rechargeable batteries by opening the back cover of the device.
  2. If there are fixing fasteners in the battery compartment, then the remote control is disassembled by unscrewing them. Simply unscrew the bolts or screws to disassemble the device body. Otherwise, the upper and lower parts of the housing are interconnected by internal snap-on elements.
  3. Insert the tip of the screwdriver into the junction of the body parts and gently pry one of them, while applying enough force.

Tips & Warnings

  • The disadvantage of this method is that there is a risk of scratching the case of the console or even breaking the snap-in fasteners.Therefore, if you do not want to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the device, then use a plastic or rubber tool;
  • Before you disassemble the device, lay a white sheet of paper, so as not to lose small parts;
  • If there are fasteners, remember their location, as there may be difficulties with further assembly;
  • If the batteries are in an oxidized state, then they need to be replaced. If possible, use batteries (not susceptible to oxidation and have a long service life). For the correct operation of the console, you also need to clean up the contacts and remove dirt;
  • If the battery cover is broken, it is better to replace it;
  • Be careful with small details and chips.

How to clean the remote control

  1. Remove the batteries or rechargeable batteries from the compartment and disassemble the device as described above.
  2. The disassembled device consists of a case, a microcircuit and a rubber gasket with buttons for control. All items must be thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Carefully remove the dirt from the microchip using a soft cloth with a cleaning solution (you can use a small amount of shampoo, dishwashing detergent or regular soap).In no case do not use hard brushes and sponges, as it is possible to damage the deposition of the chip, which determines the efficiency of the remote control. In extreme cases, you can clean the scheme with your hands. For a better effect, you can replace the cleanser with alcohol (eau de cologne, vodka and other alcohol-containing liquids will not work). Do not wet the board too much when working. At the end of the procedure carefully dry the scheme (you can use a hairdryer).
  4. The rubber gasket and body can be cleaned of dirt and grease by rinsing with a jet of warm water. Allow the components to dry thoroughly to avoid rapid oxidation of the internal contacts of the console or the device to malfunction (use a hairdryer or dry the parts on the battery).
  5. Then assemble the remote control, insert the batteries and check the operation of the device.
  6. If some of the buttons do not work, then the problem is not in the dirt. In this case, you will need to replace faulty keys. To fix the problem you need to purchase a repair kit (you can buy it in the household goods department). The kit includes new buttons and silicone glue.Glue the buttons to replace the old rubber gasket and let dry.

By the way, the correct operation of the remote control depends on its settings. For tips on automatic and manual configuration, see our article How to set up a universal remote.

If your device is out of order completely and its cleaning does not help to restore the functionality of the remote control, then do not rush to purchase a new device. From the usual means at hand, you can make a new device with your own hands.

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