How to disguise acne

Every woman has experienced at least once in her lifebecause of the appearance of acne. Did you happen to be horrified to notice a bright nasty pimple on your face the day before an important date? Or in the morning before the interview? And maybe you have long suffered from acne and hate these red inflammations? Producers of all cleansers daily tell how to quickly cure acne. But all the girls have long realized on personal experience that miracles do not happen: you can not get rid of acne the day before the appointment. And the more you can not remove the suddenly appeared pimple in one morning. The information on how to hide acne on the face will help you. After all, you can make the defects of your skin completely invisible and go to the desired date, feeling beautiful and confident.

How to disguise acne? There are several popular methods of disguise, the choice depends on the nature of your rashes. If there are many pimples on the face, it is better to use a foundation and powder. Evenly distribute a thick foundation on the face, and then lubricate the pimples, taking a little more on the finger. After this procedure, apply a little powder on the face. This method helps to smooth imperfections of the skin, without drawing attention to them.

The following method will tell you how to disguisepimples, if on the face there are single inflammations. Buy a special concealer for acne with a curative effect. Apply the product to the appeared pimple and shade the edges. Drying additives concealer will help you quickly cure acne, and the masking agent will smooth out the contrast between the defect and the rest of the skin. After the concealer, you can apply a neutral foundation, which further obscures all imperfections.

Another spectacular, but little-spread methodbased on the action of drops for the eyes. Get a visa in the pharmacy, drip a few drops on the cotton wool and put it for ten minutes in the freezer. Then attach it to the pimple and hold it for about five to seven minutes. Vessels will taper, and the redness will instantly subside. Secure the result by using a light foundation or powder.

Perhaps you will understand how to mask pimples if you try special matting agents or BB creams. They remove greasy shine from the face and treat the problem skin.

In any case, be more attentive to the choicecosmetics. Qualitative, properly selected tonal means will give the maximum effect. For the appearance of a beautiful smooth complexion, it is not necessary to apply the cream on the entire skin. Cover the tonal means with the nose, chin and skin around the eyes, and then rub the cream in the direction of the cheekbones. The masking agent should be slightly darker than your natural complexion. Well hide pimples masking pencils. Sometimes they look more natural than foundation. Choose for yourself such a means, which will correspond exactly to your skin. If you use a combination of a masking pencil and foundation - take care that the pencil is a tone lighter than the cream. On the light skin well falls cosmetics pinkish shades, and for a swarthy face more suitable golden tones.

You can try to hide acne with a tonal means with reflective particles. Such creams are designed to mask wrinkles and freckles, lightening the skin of the face from the inside.

Each girl decides how to disguise acneindependently, based on personal experience. What came up to a friend, can look unnatural on your face. You should try to use the most diverse methods of masking skin defects and determine which method gave the best result. Pure skin often becomes a guarantee of good self-esteem and self-confidence.

Try to treat acne, go to a cosmetologist, and then you do not have to hide such defects.

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