How to draw a cage?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 14, 2013
How to draw a cage?

A cell is a unit of the living system. Its structure began to study Robert Hooke in 1665, noticing small cells using a microscope. The more the microscope was improved, the more information was obtained about the structure of plant and animal cells. But even with such a large variety of forms, all cells have a striking similarity in structure. Consider the basics to learn how to draw a cage. With the help of the pictures that you will see by going on, you will be able to understand the structure of the cell.

Plant cell

The plant cell is depicted as a rectangle with smoothed edges. Its edges are the shell, the plasma membrane. In the center - the cytoplasm and cell center, here - the nuclear juice and chromosomes. To the left is the Golgi Apparatus. Below the center are pores. To the left and to their right are lysosomes. In the upper corner of the rectangle above the center - EPS. To the left we draw a semicircle (we divide it in half and leave it semi-folded) - these are ribosomes and a vacuole with cell sap. The lower right corner is the plasma membrane. Here we depict the core in a small circle.

Here's how to draw a cell, though, this is a schematic depiction of a plant cell. It is easier to remember this: outside the cell is covered with a cell membrane, which is filled with pores, under it is the plasma membrane; the whole cell is filled with cytoplasm; The cytoplasm consists of a nucleus with nucleoli, vacuoles with cell sap and plastids with pigments.

Animal cage

Now draw an animal cell. It is also represented in the form of a rectangle. Inside another rectangle - the plasma membrane. Inside it (perpendicular lines) - mitochondria. In the center of the rectangle draw a circle, circle it with another one - this is the cytoplasm, the nucleus and the nucleolus. To the left of the semi-oval we will depict the cell center and EPS. Right below it in the lower left corner we draw an oval - the Golgi apparatus and nuclear juice. In the lower right corner are the ribosomes (oval, shaded black). Above it, small circles depict pinotous bubbles. The inner wall of the shell is lysosomes. At the very top center (quadrilateral) - chromosomes.

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