How to draw a nose?

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How to draw a nose?

In order to draw a portrait of a person, you need to be able to correctly draw all parts of the face: eyes, lips, nose.

In drawing such a seemingly intricate part of the face, like a nose, in fact, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to understand the design of the nose. Let's try to draw a person's nose with a pencil in stages.


Before you start drawing the nose, you need to determine where it will be on the face. That is, calculate the proportions. The front part of the head (from hair growth to the chin) is roughly divided into three parts: the first part is the forehead to the eyebrows, the second is from the eyebrows to the end of the nose, the third is from the nose to the chin (although, of course, some people have more or less forehead than other parts). So, we found the location of the nose.

Determine the angle

A portrait of a person can be drawn from three angles: in front, profile and three-quarters (half-profile). Consider how to draw the nose in three positions depending on the reversal of the head.

Front view (full face)

If you look closely at the image of the nose, you can see that it has three main faces - the front face and two side backs.

  1. Draw a trapezoid.We divide it into three parts with lines parallel to the lateral sides of the trapezoid (as a result, one more smaller trapezium should result). On the sides we have the wings of the nose.Nose
  2. Pay attention to what angle we look at the nose. If we look at the nose slightly from below, then we draw the bottom trapezium, the lower platform - there will be nostrils. If we look from above, then, on the contrary, the nostril is not visible - the tip of the nose will be lowered below our trapezium. In any case, the trapezoid will acquire the volume - will become a prism.
  3. The upper part of the prism again slightly expands to the eyebrows. The transition from the nose to the frontal part should be smooth.
  4. We draw a transitional part from the nose to the lip - a kind of "droplet".
  5. Give the picture volume - hatching the wings of the nose. The nose and tip of the nose can be left light. Nostrils will be the darkest. There should also be a deep shadow under the nose.

Man's nose in profile

In profile draw a nose a little easier. The protruding part of the nose fits into a sharp corner. We plot this angle, and then we soften it with smooth lines, paying attention to the shape of the nose that we want to depict - humpbacked, straight, upturned, etc.Nose

You also need to determine the distance from the nostrils to the tip of the nose. Mentally, from the eyedrop, draw a line down. At this level will be the border of the wings of the nose.

Three quarters

When the head is turned three-quarters, the front area of ​​the nose is still visible. In this case, we also draw the nose through a prism, but not straight, but inscribed in perspective, also as if into a semi-profile. We depict only two visible sides of a prism (or three with a bottom, if we look at the nose from below). Again, respect the proportions and take into account the shape of the nose, as described above.

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