How to draw a star?

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How to draw a star?

Drawing geometric shapes usually does not cause anybody difficulties, but how to draw a five-pointed star by hand is a question for many. We note right away: drawing a regular star is quite difficult, and here it is better to use one of two methods. Method one - drawing a five-pointed star with a protractor, method two - drawing the same star with a compass.

Drawing a five-pointed star with a protractor is easy. First you need to draw a circle, and then with the help of a protractor mark the angle equal to 72 degrees on the circle. Thus we get two points where the lines of the star will converge. Next, we continue to postpone angles of 72 degrees from the points obtained. In the end, we get five points, which we connect with lines through one point - and our regular five-pointed star is ready.

Now, if there is no protractor at hand, the second method is: how to draw a star with a compass and a ruler. To draw a star with compass,first you need to draw a circle in the same way, and then divide it by two perpendicular lines (diameters) that pass through the center of this circle. After that, we divide any radius with a ruler into two equal parts and denote the middle by a dot. For convenience, let's call it a point A.

Then, at point A, we place the compass needle, and at point C, which is on the circle at the end of another diameter, we put the drawing part of the compass and arc to the next radius, which is on the opposite side from the radius, at which point A. denote by radius B. Now set the compass needle at point B and draw an arc in the direction of point C. The intersection of the arc with a circle is denoted with the letter D. We measure with a compass the distance AD ​​- it will be equal to one fifth of the circle. Now all we have to do is, knowing the distance AD, mark the peaks of the future star on the circle and connect them with straight lines.

We have just learned how to draw a star using a protractor and a compass, but we were talking about a five-pointed star. And now a few words about drawing a six-pointed star.Everything is much simpler here. How many vertices does a six-pointed star have? Right, six. Accordingly, such a star is very easy to draw with the help of two equilateral triangles: connect them with one vertex up and the other vertex down. Thus, you get the right six-pointed star. We have resulted here the most simple and clear methods of how to draw a star with a pencil. By practicing in drawing these figures on paper with the help of tools, you can easily reproduce them quite accurately and manually.

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