How to draw snow?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
March 13, 2013
How to draw snow?

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How to draw snow?

Drawing snow - the work is subtle and intellectual, but not complicated and easily mastered. Many who decided to paint the winter, do not even suspect that there are special techniques in the visual arts, developed exclusively for how to draw snow. So, drawing snow with a pencil, it is important to achieve a smooth transition of colors, correctly distributing shadows over the surface of the snow cover.

How to draw snow with a pencil

  • Prepare a white sheet and several pencils of different shades of blue and blue. The best option would be pastel or watercolor pencils, but you can also use regular ones.
  • With the lightest shade of blue, outline the bed of the stream, drawing its outlines and leaving in the center space for small snow hummocks. Water color. In the right part of the top of the sheet and in its lower left part, draw strokes using black and blue. Around the snowy islands dash with a dark blue pencil, and with the color of indigo, paint the snow on the water.
  • For display on the snow pattern, the game of the shadow is considered the most appropriate. Along a brook of snow, draw with a blue pencil, using rich shades as you approach the water. To make the transitions invisible, leave gaps between the strokes of different shades, and put light lines between them.

How to quickly draw falling snow colors, perfectly demonstrate these videos.

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