How to enable hardware acceleration?

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How to enable hardware acceleration?

Hardware acceleration is used to perform specific functions of a computer much faster than it is done by a processor. It is used especially for computer games (for more details, see our article What is hardware acceleration). But sometimes with its connection, many users have various difficulties. Therefore, in this article we will describe how to enable hardware acceleration.

Enable acceleration

To enable hardware acceleration, you should:

  1. go to the “Start” menu;
  2. select “Control Panel”;
  3. find in it an item called “Screens”;
  4. in the settings of this section, select “Advanced settings”;
  5. find the section "Diagnostics";
  6. press the button for the parameter change function;
  7. move the engine to the right side to the end;
  8. select the action “OK”.

For the changes to take effect, you will need to restart your computer.Now you know how to enable hardware acceleration of the video adapter in the usual way.

It is important to note that to enable hardware acceleration, you will need toHow to enable hardware accelerationcalled package (game discs, as a rule, include it without fail). You can set the acceleration values ​​for a video card by clicking the right button on your desktop, selecting the “Properties” tab, then “Advanced”. There you will see the item "Diagnostics", and in it - "Hardware acceleration". In the latter, you need to activate two parameters - “Hardware acceleration” and “Enable recording registration”. Put them on the maximum.

For hardware acceleration of the sound card, select the “Run” function through the “Start” menu. In this section you should write the command “Dxdiag”. After this, you will see a window called “Direct X Diagnostic Tool”. Select the “Sound” tab, in which change the “Hardware Acceleration Level” to set it to the maximum.

Possible problems

Carrying out the above actions is a standard way to turn on hardware acceleration, but often it does not lead to the desired result, that is, the PC gives an error, and various games do not start. The main reasons for this problem may be:

  • lack of video card drivers;
  • availability of outdated driver versions;
  • wrong driver installation.

To solve the problem, you should initially go to the “My Computer” section through the “Start” menu and press the right button on it. You will see a menu in which you need to select the “Management” section. After selecting the list should be displayed on the left. In this list, you will need the “Device Manager” and the “Video Adapters” section that is in it.

Next to the name of the item may be an exclamation mark of yellow color, which indicates that the installation of the video driver is necessary. Installation can be performed automatically if there is access to the network. When you right-click on the device, you can see a list in which there is a function “Update drivers”. After selecting it, click on “Automatic search for updated drivers”.

Installation can also be done manually, but in this case you need to know the exact name of the manufacturer of the adapter installed on your computer device. Knowing it, you can easily find the latest drivers you need on the net.You only need to download them, open the required file and wait until the installation process is complete. After carrying out all these operations will only restart the computer and start the necessary game.

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