On the art of passive falling in love - aylaving
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How to fall in love with another person?

This article is not about the pickup and the art of seduction. It does not contain information on how to seduce tsipochek in the club. In it we will talk about what the art of passive love is - aylaving - in which people themselves fall in love.


It will be a mistake if aylaving is counted as an art of seduction. After all, he has very different tools and approaches. In the pickup, we are seducing by making certain efforts so that the object of lust succumbs to our verbal and non-verbal persuasion. In aylaving, without making efforts, we fall in love with ourselves. As it was written in one article -"Let him (a) himself (a) fall in love"- A new slogan of the new direction in sexual culture.

And there is a grain of truth in this, as Bein Bash, the founder of the art of passive love, wrote that "love never arises just like that. In order for it to arise, it is necessary to observe certain aspects of its occurrence. By observing them, you can fall in love with each other two completely different people, even if they speak different languages.You can wait for all aspects to converge, and you can create them artificially. You just need to know them. "

So, aylaving is the art of passive falling in love, where psychological and biological aspects are taken as a basis, when comparing them, it is highly likely that people can fall in love. And from the outside it always looks like that guy (or girl) just turned out to be in the right place, at the right time, in front of a man who suddenly fell in love with him.

The art of building relationships has always interested society. In this way, studying the male and female behavior, a new direction was born, a new theory of how people fall in love. The novelty of this new theory is that men and women are considered not only from the psychological side, but also from biological, behavioral, genetic and evolutionary. Go

It’s impossible to paint all aspects for which people fall in love in one article. Even a whole cycle will not be enough to take into account all the nuances and their variations. Therefore, the best solution would be to give 10 facts about choosing a partner from an ilaver memo, which were compiled on the basis of research papers by Stephen Pinker, Robin Baker and Gennady Starshenbaum.

10 facts about choosing a partner

  • For the animal world is characterized by the fact that males compete, and females choose. Coupled with the maximum possible number of females, the male increases the number of its descendants. And the female increases the number of descendants, copulating with the best available. The male is important quantity, females - quality. People have exactly the same.
  • Men tend to more sex partners, are less picky in their choice of sex partner, and consume more pornographic products.
  • It is men who more often than women take care of, achieve, seduce, give gifts in exchange for sex and use the services of prostitutes.
  • In all cultures, men are willing to care, seduce and provide services in exchange for sex. And also apply more aggressive and violent ways to achieve love from the object of courtship.
  • Sexual desires and tastes for men change during the menstrual cycle.
  • When choosing a man for a long-term relationship, the woman considers two important issues. On the one hand, she needs a person with whom she can raise children. On the other hand, it needs genes that, in combination with their own, will produce attractive,fertile and successful children.
  • The best candidates for long-term relationships are always busy with other people.
  • Women tend to meet with men who are already in a relationship or who other women claim to be. The main attractive feature of a man is to be desired by other women.
  • Men are genetically programmed to be hasty and illegible in matters of one-time sex. And those men who were not persistent and hasty in past generations were less successful.
  • One of the criteria that a woman is guided by when choosing a long-term partner is the ability to overcome her resistance. First verbal, and then physical. And the stronger the resistance, the more severe the test will be.

These 10 facts should serve you well in building relationships, if they are not already there. And if you are already in them, then these facts will help you better understand yourself and your partner.

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