How to find your mail?

The widespread use of the Internet has made it possible for many people to be always in touch. Skype, social networks, chat rooms and forums - all this is invented so that a person is not lonely, he can always find an interlocutor. There is also an e-mail for this. Its advantage is also the fact that such mail can be used not only for personal, but also for business purposes to receive and send business correspondence. The exchange of information through the electronic mailbox is almost instantaneous, which makes it possible to solve urgent issues very quickly, and even a novice will not be able to figure out how to find your mail.

Email Registration

In order to find your mailbox, you need to create it. It is better to do this on sites with a certain level of reputation that are ready to provide a fairly high level of protection for mail correspondence. An example would be sites,,,

To get a box, you must first determine the site where you want to do it. The name of the site will be in the second part of the name of the email box, after the dog - @.You also need to choose a nickname, which is not yet busy, it will be the first in the name of the mail. You will also need to come up with and enter a password to log in, which will be constantly used. It must be remembered that the harder the password, the harder it will be for hackers to crack it and mess with your mailbox (for example, send spam to your contacts).

And in order to find your mailbox, you just need to go to the selected site, enter your login and password, and the mailbox will be available.

Mail address loss

If there is a problem that you cannot remember the mail address, you can try to find it. Although not always succeed. A few tips on how to find an email address:

  • Recall, perhaps, the mail address and password were written somewhere.
  • Often the email address is required when registering on social networks, its name remains in the settings. You can try to look there.
  • If a letter was sent from a mailbox to a friend, you can call him back and ask for the name of your mail. He will find information on this by opening a letter received earlier.
  • When registering, you can specify in parallel another existing email box.If it has been specified, a notification letter should be sent to its address about the creation of a new mailbox, about the location of which you are worried. You need to find this letter and see the name you are looking for.

Search site

If it is difficult to find the entrance to the mail on the site itself, you should pay attention to the fact that almost all mailboxes are in the upper left corner of the site. If it is not there, then a careful revision of the site will help you in finding your mail. It is necessary at the top of the site to view all existing bookmarks, find the Mail tab, open it, and there already enter a login and password to log into your mailbox.

If you still could not remember the address of your email box, do not be upset. You can create a new box for yourself, there are no restrictions on their number.

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