How to get carbon?

By carbon is meant a chemical element with non-metallic properties. It is denoted by the letter C and is considered the chemical element of the fourth group of the second period in the periodic table. Its serial number is 6, and its atomic mass is 12,0107. Today there are several types of carbon modifications. Diamond, graphite are carbon, while they differ in the structure of their crystal lattice. There are also fullerenes, carbin and less known lonsdaleite, which was found in meteorites that fell to the ground. In very large quantities of carbon is also contained in the coal, which are used as fuel. It also produces carbon electrodes for industrial furnaces, etc.

Industrial carbon manufacturing methods

Today there are four most common ways to produce carbon black. They are based on the thermal-oxidative decomposition of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. However, depending on the raw materials used, there are: furnace, lamp, thermal and channel methods.In addition to industrial methods, there are several ways in which carbon can also be produced.

A great way to get carbon at home is to make a carbon compound with sugar. For this experiment you need a concentrate of sulfuric acid, gloves, sugar, water and sulfuric acid.

  • Before you get carbon, you need to take a glass flask.
  • Next, pour some sugar into it.
  • After that, pour water into the same flask. The amount of water should be two centimeters higher than the level of sugar.
  • Then you should be very careful, because you have to deal with sulfuric acid.
  • Take the concentrated sulfuric acid, then carefully in small drops add it to the same flask with sugar. After some time, pure carbon will be formed in the flask.

There is also another way to use rubber:

  • Take a metal container, which additionally has a tight-closing lid and a vapor pipe.
  • Next, immerse a piece of rubber in this container.
  • After that you need to put the container on the gas burner.
  • The end of the vapor tube will need to be lowered into the jar.During heating without air, the rubber will not burn, it will decompose, while gases (methane, liquid hydrocarbons) will come out of the exhaust pipe.
  • After a while, carbon should remain on the bottom of the tank. The formula of this compound will contain large amounts of C, that is, carbon.

A simpler method is to obtain carbon monoxide. Note that before you get the carbon monoxide you need to have a simple ethylene. With its combustion (C2H4+ 3O2= 2CO2+ 2H2O) You get carbon monoxide and water.

Note: When working with acid, you must take precautions (wear gloves and goggles). During the thermal decomposition of rubber, this experiment should be carried out only outdoors or in a ventilated room.

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