How to get honey?

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How to get honey?

Honey is a natural product that is rich in nutrients and vitamins. It has excellent taste and amazing aroma, it can be used both in its pure form and added to dishes, as well as making healing mixtures with nuts and dried fruits based on it. However, not all lovers of this delicacy know how to get and collect honey. Meanwhile, this process is very time consuming and lengthy.

Getting honey

The active work of the main honey-getters, bees, occurs in early spring, because it is at this time that the first honey-bears bloom. They collect nectar from them with the help of their small proboscis. From it, it enters the oral cavity of these insects, where it is recruited by various bioactive substances that are contained in salivary secretion. After that, they go to their hive. There they are met by "receivers" - bees who are responsible for the further processing of nectar. It is transmitted to them through the proboscis. Subsequently, nectar enters the oral cavity of beekeeper, where it is enriched with beneficial enzymes and loses excess moisture.After that, the honey is sent to the cell cell. But the process of its production does not end there. The bees continue to work on it, flapping their wings so that it loses moisture and becomes more concentrated. Then the bees seal the honey with wax caps.

Collecting honey

No less curious is the process of collecting honey. It is necessary to collect honey when the bees began to seal the processed nectar. It is required that more than 80 cells in each frame be closed. At the same time, it is possible to inspect the hive for these purposes only at the end of the day, because then you will not disrupt the work of the bees and will not cause them strong aggression. But in any case, such work is carried out always in gloves, a protective suit and a mask.

When the time for collecting honey has come, it's time to take out the frames with it and move them to a warm room, where they should warm up to 20-25 degrees (if the temperature outside is below this mark). If the honey is not heated to the required temperature, it will be thick and its further processing will be impossible. After that, zabrus is cut from the frames and honey is pumped out using special equipment.

You can collect honey yourself according to this instruction:

  1. The first step is to go to the apiary and select one of the hives.Be sure to pre-wear protective clothing, gloves and a special mask on your face.
  2. Next, you need to remove the cover from the hive and the barrier canvas.
  3. Now you need to smoke the bees with the help of a dimmer so that they become less aggressive.
  4. In the next step, you need to remove the frame with honey and use a brush to brush the bees back into the hive. In the same way it is necessary to pull out the rest of the frame with honey, and in their place to put empty ones.
  5. After this work, it is the turn of honey pumping. Wax caps are removed with a heated knife to free the honey from the cells.
  6. With a clean frame you can cut the honeycomb and use honey in this form. Another option is to use honey extractor. If you have such a unit, put a frame in it and run it. Due to the centrifugal force, the honey will begin to exit the cells and flow into a special compartment. It will only remain to filter and pour into containers. Of course, from the first time to completely get rid of wax impurities will not succeed.

Please note that the pumped honey must necessarily insist. It is necessary that small particles of wax surface on its surface.The layer with them is cleaned with the help of clean inventory, and then the honey is again filtered and packaged in glass or plastic containers.

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