How to get rid of unpleasant smell in the refrigerator

One day, opening the refrigerator, we feel a sharp unpleasant smell. It is especially annoying when guests gather. The question arises how to get rid of this phenomenon in the refrigerator. There are several methods of dealing with "fragrances", which you will learn from this article.

Safety Precautions

Safety in the elimination of odors is easy to perform. It is necessary to protect the skin of the hands with rubber gloves and the respiratory organs with a mask. This is important when working with acid or household chemicals. Do not exceed the specified rate of use of toxic products, so as not to damage the refrigerator and not to harm health.

Do not handle metal parts, the surface of the refrigerator, electrical contacts. Doing so may cause the circuit to close, breakdown of household appliances, or electric shock. You should act carefully, adhere to the recommendations for working with a specific detergent and detergent.

Folk remedies against odor

Home remedies for dealing with the stench in the kitchen deserve special attention. Best help:

  • Lemon and citric acid;
  • Vinegar;
  • Ammonia solution;
  • Bread and soda;
  • Activated carbon or rice.

Use of vinegar

In the presence of unpleasant odors, get rid of spoiled products, check the tightness of the packages, treat the refrigerator with detergent, and then:

  1. Use a solution of 9 percent vinegar at the rate of two tablespoons per cup of water.
  2. The resulting tool carefully process the internal surface of the refrigerator, including sealing gum.
  3. Wash metal parts with vinegar is not worth it, so as not to damage them.

Lemon as a universal remedy

If the vinegar solution is not effective enough, use lemon juice. Citrus fruit neutralizes unpleasant odor, including fish.

  1. Squeeze lemon juice onto a sponge.
  2. Wipe the inside of the fridge bypassing the metal parts.
  3. Cut the remains of lemon and put it inside the camera for 1-2 days to prevent the recurrence of foreign odors and the formation of germs.

Attention! Do not forget to remove leftovers.Very soon it will be covered with mold, which will break the microclimate in the refrigerator, you will have to start all over again.

Use of ammonia

Ammonia - a unique tool that helps fight bacteria and their decay products. Wash the refrigerator thoroughly using cool water and detergent. Next, prepare a solution of ammonia, dissolving a couple of drops of funds in a glass of water. Moisten a cloth with liquid and rub all surfaces of the equipment. Alcohol, having evaporated, will remove the unpleasant smell.

The same tool will help get rid of the persistent smell of garlic or rotten eggs. The cleaning algorithm is the same.

Activated carbon and rice

As a means of absorbing unpleasant odors, using coal and rice. These products absorb toxins and odors. Put activated carbon in a spacious container for 8-9 hours. You can replace the wood - in this case, their properties are identical. The actions with rice are the same.

Important! Use a charcoal filter in the refrigerator and foreign odors will leave it forever.

How can soda and bread help?

Baking soda and bread are universal remedies to combat specific odors. Wash the fridge thoroughly and wipe dry.Prepare a soda solution: dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water. Dampen a sponge and wipe the fridge. Wait 2-3 minutes, rinse the inside surface again with clean water, wipe dry and ventilate.

Black bread cut into pieces and put in the refrigerator. He quickly absorbs unpleasant odors. The effect is achieved in the absence of spoiled products.

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Best Purchased Chemistry - Review and Instructions for Use

In the shops, household chemicals are represented by a huge assortment, from which it is best to choose “soft” products. They can be liquid, in the form of a cream or gel. The gentle structure is safe for surfaces and will not remain scratched after the application.

Use purchased chemistry in five steps:

  1. Dilute with water according to the instructions.
  2. Handle walls, pallets, drawers, shelves and doors.
  3. Wash surfaces with ordinary water. For convenience, use the spray.
  4. Wipe the equipment dry.
  5. In the open state, leave the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and preferably at night, so that the smell of chemistry will completely disappear.

Among all the purchased chemicals, you can choose absorbents - products that absorb odors and eliminate their subsequent appearance. Some species serve up to 4 months, but it is better to change them more often. You can choose special aerosols that have a cleansing and disinfecting effect. Deodorizing wet wipes will be useful for quick elimination of unpleasant "fragrances".

How to choose a smell absorber for the refrigerator?

A great way to maintain cleanliness and freshness in the fridge is an odor absorber. This absorbent can absorb any stench in a few hours and not leave even a vent after application. There is no need to clean something. Scavengers have a shelf life of up to one month. The product can be found in any store of household chemicals.

If you do not want to spend money, prepare the absorber yourself. As a base, use activated carbon or ordinary rice. Change them weekly and there will be no “fragrances”. A home scavenger will need about a handful. Wrap it in a rag and put it in the corner of the refrigerator. Foreign smells will disappear in a few hours.

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Why does an unpleasant smell appear in the fridge?

There are a lot of reasons why an unpleasant smell appears:

  • Spoiled products.
  • Spilled dairy products.
  • Idle cooling system.
  • The specific smell of the products.

It is very difficult to get rid of the problem, since plastic tends to absorb an unpleasant smell. If there are glass shelves in the refrigerator, it is enough to wash them. Walls require more reverent treatment. With timely care, the refrigerator and kitchen will become a model of cleanliness and order, where it is pleasant for the whole family to be.

The most common cause of an unpleasant smell is a prolonged disconnection of equipment from the network due to breakage, departure or a desire to save money on utility bills. Sometimes we simply do not notice spoiled products, although we are sure that they are not in the fridge. This may be a potato or a piece of cheese that fell over the pan.

One of the most insidious distributors of an unpleasant smell is a rotten chicken egg. Externally, it is almost impossible to determine freshness. However, there is a smell through the shell that quickly spreads through the refrigerator and kitchen.

Useful tips

It is important to understand that it is easier to prevent unpleasant odors than to get rid of them:

  1. Defrost regularly and wash the refrigerator.
  2. All products that are stored in it, tightly cover.
  3. Use food film, sealed containers, bags or pans for storage.
  4. Put in a soda technique using small holes in it. Change the packaging once in 2-3 months to forget about unpleasant odors.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the refrigerator and removing odors is quite simple. Choose the method that is right for you, use folk remedies or household chemicals. When choosing, be guided by the price range and your own experience. This will help to forget about the existence of unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

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