How to get to Peterhof?

September 5, 2012
How to get to Peterhof?

It would seem that inseparable concepts of St. Petersburg - Peterhof. How to get to it, many tourists visiting St. Petersburg are thinking. That is what we will talk about. Consider the various ways (that is, modes of transport), allowing to get to Peterhof.

On water

So, your goal is Peterhof. How to get to meteor? From the berth the Bronze Horseman and from the Hermitage. Only, if you collect in the park, then the ticket there will have to be purchased already at the berth of Peterhof, the cost of a ticket to the meteor does not include a visit to the park.

Peterhof: how to get there by car

  1. Drive to Prospect Stachek and follow the Peterhof Highway straight to Peterhof without turning anywhere. About 1.5 kilometers after entering Peterhof there will be a park. About where you can park, you can find on the map.
  2. The second path on the Ring Road. You are driving to the interchange with the Ropshinskoye Highway, then moving from the Ring Road to Marino and going to Peterhof Highway. At the crossroads with the Peterhof Highway, turn left.


There is a so-called Peterhof taxi that takes you to Peterhof from any corner of St. Petersburg and its regions. Phone of this service: +7 812 428-65-65; +7 812 421-00-00; +7 905 272-65-65.

In addition, how to get to Peterhof, you should take care of how to get out of there, for example, from the festival of fountains, when public transport is very difficult to access. You dial +7 812 428-65-65 and a taxi will pick you up from the park and take you to the designated place.


In season, there are many minibuses that can take you to Peterhof, you only need to clarify.

And so from the Baltic Station should shuttle bus that takes you directly to the park.

Minibus №224 runs from the metro station "Leninsky Prospect".

Minibus №424 comes from the Avtovo metro station.

Electric train

You go to the Baltiysky railway station (Baltiyskoye metro station), buy a ticket to the new Peterhof and take one of the electric trains to Krasnoflotsk, Kalische or Oraneinbaum; they will take you to Peterhof. And already on buses with numbers 350, 351, 352, 356 you can get to the park. Park stop will be the fifth in a row, not counting the one on which you sat. You can clarify with the driver or passengers.

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