How to get to Ryazan?

Ryazan is an ancient beautiful city, the birthplace of Yesenin and the capital of the Airborne Forces. Ryazan is located near Moscow and can be an excellent weekend trip for a resident of the capital.

This article will tell you how to get to Ryazan.

Express "Sergey Yesenin"

The railway express train bearing the name of the most famous Ryazan and the great Russian poet is the most comfortable way to get to Ryazan. Firstly, railway transport is insured against traffic jams, secondly, potential passengers are offered three classes of comfort, that is, everyone can choose for themselves the optimal combination of comfort / price, thirdly, the express is on the way no more than 2 hours and 45 minutes .

The only minus of the express train is only three flights a day - 7:12, 12:34 and 18:20.

The first class ticket price is 580 rubles (adjustable soft seats, air conditioning), the second class will cost 410 rubles (adjustable soft seats), and the third - 350 rubles (standard chairs).


The bus is also quite a comfortable way to get to Ryazan. Unlike the express "Sergey Yesenin" buses, of course, are not insured against getting stuck in traffic, but there are a lot of flights.

Bus number 960 leaves the Vykhino bus station, the ticket price is about 400 rubles, and the journey time is 3 hours (excluding traffic jams). Flights take place every half hour, and even more at peak times. The bus arrives at the central bus station in Ryazan. The first flight departs at 6:30, the last at 00:45.

In addition to bus No. 960, buses from Kazansky Railway Station and Schelkovsky Bus Station go to Ryazan, but most of them are either more expensive, longer in transit, or passing, or less comfortable. In short, if you decide to go to Ryazan by bus, we recommend choosing the bus number 960. However, if you want to clarify information about other buses can be on the site.

Trains and passing trains

The express "Sergey Yesenin" is not the only way to get to Ryazan by railway tracks, electric trains and passing trains run to Ryazan. However, both the first and second have disadvantages. Trains differ in low price, but they are very uncomfortable, and a ticket for a passing train, as a rule, is more expensive than an express train and a bus. However, if you are interested in these ways to get to Ryazan, you can use the site.

By car

The distance from Moscow to Ryazan is only 200 km and, of course, it can be easily overcome by car in 3-4 hours. Gasoline will need about 15 liters, which is equivalent to 500 rubles. If you go together, you get the most economical and at the same time quite comfortable way to get to Ryazan. In addition, on the road from Moscow to Ryazan, you can visit Kolomna, another old, small, but very beautiful city. You can also go to the village of Konstantinovo - the place where Yesenin was born.

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