How to grow a child?

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How to grow a child?

From infancy, mothers take care of their child to eat well, gain weight and grow. Sometimes it happens that the growth of the child for some time remains unchanged, and then the parents are wondering how to help the child grow. There are many “recipes” of growth, the choice of which must take into account such important factors as the age of the child, his physical abilities and, undoubtedly, his desire to “catch up” a little.

How to grow a child: physiology and heredity

First of all, you need to understand that tall children are rarely born in families where mom and dad are of medium or low growth. Genetic predisposition is relentless: a child’s chances of “stretching out” are great only when there is at least one of his parents in a family. Relatives - "giants" can also affect the growth of the child, since the genes of high or low growth can be inherited through a generation. Although it is difficult to argue with nature, you can still increase your height through proper diet and exercise.

Diet for growth

Not only parents, but also many adolescents, in most cases young people, are wondering what to do to grow up. Observing the right diet contributes to the growth of the body, especially the young. Food for growth should contain a large amount of protein, calcium and vitamin C. A balanced diet should include foods that are rich in vitamins A and E. Meat, grated carrots, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices should be included in the child's diet. We should not forget about such useful products as cottage cheese, liver and cream. If a child is allergic to some products or not willing to eat the necessary meals, you can get rid of vitamin complexes that provide the body with the necessary microelements for growth.

Physical exercises

Exercising with a child can be practiced almost from birth, the main thing is to dose the load correctly and choose exercises that are suitable for age. For the little ones, this is a class with a mother on fitball - the baby needsPhysical exercisesput on the stomach and "roll" on the ball, holding the handles. This exercise helps to strengthen the spine.For older children fit the exercises on the bar - Vis, lifting the legs, pulling up on their hands. It is also necessary to include exercises that promote growth in daily morning exercises. This is a variety of torso torso, deflections with dumbbells, swing hands. For schoolchildren an excellent option would be basketball and volleyball.

Active games and healthy sleep also have a beneficial effect on the body and help the child grow up. But the most important condition in order to help the child grow is a favorable atmosphere in the family, where parents set a good example, do physical training and use natural products, and most importantly - sincerely support their child, showing him care, attention and love.

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