How to grow nails quickly at home?

How to grow nails quickly? This is a pretty popular question. Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a very important accessory for any girl and woman. A pretty manicure will give perfection to any to grow nails quicklyThere are many tips on how togrow your nails quickly. The article contains the best recommendations for their rapid growth. Before you start the process of growing, it is better to revise your diet. You need to consume a lot of vitamins, which contribute to the growth and strengthening of nails, hair. With this question it is best to consult a dietician. There are many ways to accelerate the growth of nails. These are baths, special means - growth accelerators, masks for the nail bed ... It must be remembered that it is necessary to grow not only long, but strong and healthy nails.

How to grow nails quickly with the help of trays?

Baths with vegetable oil

For such procedures is suitable onlyolive, almond or sesame oil. It should be heated (not too much) and add three to five drops of iodine. In this bath to keep fingertips five-ten minutes. Repeat daily. Oil perfectly moisturizes the skin around the nail and nourishes the plate itself with useful substances. The only disadvantage of these trays is the high cost of expensive products.

Baths with chamomile

how to quickly grow long nailsSix tablespoons chamomile pharmacy poura glass (250 ml) of boiling water and let stand for an hour. Then again a little warm up and add 6-8 tablespoons of white wine. Keep your hands in the liquid for twenty or thirty minutes.

Baths with lemon

There are two ways to carry out this procedure. First: cut the fruit into two halves and put the fingertips into the pulp. The second: squeeze the juice out of lemons and pour it into a container. Then put your fingertips into the liquid. In both cases, keep the nails in the juice at least three and preferably not more than ten minutes. Then you need to spread your fingers with a nutritious cream. Lemon will give nails a beautiful and well-groomed appearance and strengthen them.

Baths with salt and iodinehow very very quickly grow nails

In a bowl, pour a glass of warm (slightly hot) water and add a tablespoon of salt and a couple drops of iodine. Mix. Lower hands and keep them in the liquid for ten to twenty minutes.

How to grow very quickly nails?

So quickly grow nails will not work. In the event that a beautiful manicure is needed immediately, contact the master and make artificial plates. How to grow your nails at home with the help of trays, you already know. This is one of the most popular methods. Now you can talk about how to grow long nails quickly with the help of special tools that can be purchased at the pharmacy. When choosing such products, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, price, composition and properties. In most cases, such products are presented in the form of varnishes. The flacon must necessarily indicate the useful properties of the product. Guided by the inscriptions on the package, choose the remedy in accordance with the type and problems of your nails. Use the instructions for use.

How to grow nails quickly, you cansay a very long time, but guided by these tips, you can really get a good manicure in a short line. Use them.

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