How to learn to sew and cut?

In order to begin a dressmaker to figure out how to learn how to sew, it would be right to begin to clarify for yourself how developed are the character traits that are so necessary for tailoring. Special, patient, accurate, attentive to the smallest details and possessing well-developed fine motor skills can learn to sew from scratch. It would be a desire to understand how to learn to sew and cut under the power of every woman.

To have an idea about the construction of complex, modeled things, first you should familiarize yourself with the history of fashion and style, understand the description of creating products from simple to complex. Fashion magazines will not help you in this matter, they will only confuse you more, because there are no simpler basics there.

How to learn to sew from scratch?

There are several ways you can easily learn how to sew and cut:

  1. Take courses in cutting, modeling and sewing courses.
  2. Independently purchase books on the design of clothing and study them. There are a great many such textbooks today and the main thing is not to be mistaken with a choice.
  3. Buy CDs with video tutorials on sewing and cutting.
  4. To study free materials on the Internet (for example: "").
  5. Take advantage of ready-made patterns from fashion magazines.
  6. Take advantage of modern technology and learn to cut clothes without resorting to formulas in general. To do this, for example, you can use the site of the company Vilar Soft ("").

How to learn to sew on their own and what is needed for this?

Knowledge of the basics of cutting and sewing always begins with familiarization with terminology, basic stitches (both manual and machine stitches), the principles of taking measurements and drawing patterns. It is necessary to learn to distinguish between the meaning of the terms "hem" and "sew", "stitch" and "stitch", and also understand why it is necessary to "decame" matter.

Each newly-made crochet stitch will definitely need a sewing machine (best of all, a modern design, since new fabrics are more delicate and can be damaged by outdated equipment). In addition, you need to stock up with needles of various lengths and diameters, scissors, threads, measuring tools, patterns, pins and chalk (you can replace it with washings, water-soluble felt-tip pen, etc.).Without fail, a thimble, a needle-pad and copy paper are useful in sewing. But the fabric and thread for each individual style are selected individually. And the color of the thread should be slightly lighter than the color of the material chosen for sewing. In the process of cutting clothing parts, you will need drawing paper, pencils, graph paper, tracing paper, etc.

How to learn to sew on a typewriter?

Learning to cut and sew on a typewriter is much easier when an experienced dressmaker helps you with this. Mastering this skill is easier than hand sewing. On the modern equipment for sewing clothes, most operations are done automatically. This and sewing buttons, bartacks, thread tension, buttonhole looping, and more. The sequence of actions performed can always be found on the Internet (for example, on the site "") and in the sewing magazine. The main thing is that the sewing instructions are described in detail and clearly.

Electromechanical sewing machines are now at the peak of popularity. The ability of the operations they perform varies between 10 and 20 points, and you can work with them with any tissue. Such machines are compact and equipped with a removable platform, local lighting, a device that helps thread the needle and so on.The presence or absence of any operations depends solely on the brand of sewing machine and model.

Now, many dressmakers do not waste time learning how to cut, but use ready-made patterns, specially designed programs for this (for example, ""), which are easier to use than developing everything yourself. Thus, the Leko clothing design system itself forms patterns taking into account the individual measurements taken, and builds the actual pattern. It and should be printed, glue, cut and attach to the fabric.

Remember, having mastered cutting and sewing, you will be able to create completely unique things that you cannot find anywhere else. Be beautiful and unique!

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