How to learn to speak quickly?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
February 22, 2013
How to learn to speak quickly?

While studying at school, many students want to have complete information. This includes not only a good memory, but also the ability, at the right moment, to shine with knowledge without embarrassment. We will look at how to learn how to quickly speak, how to develop an articulatory apparatus.

Articulation: clear and fast

In the work of the articulation apparatus lies clarity, intelligibility and, only then, speed. For this special gymnastics and exercises have been developed. Now look at some of the intense movements of the tongue and lips, through which you will see how to learn to speak quickly.

First, try to get your tongue tip of the nose and chin, as far as possible. Do such easy exercises: roll your tongue into a tube, make a childish make-up in front of a mirror, smile widely. And, here's another exercise - "proboscis". Make a sponge like a kiss, pushing them forward. Drive such a proboscis in a circle and in different directions.

And, of course, learn a few tongue twisters.Carefully uttering all sounds, increase the speed of pronunciation. Focus on consonants and sonorous sounds.

Examples of eloquence

The most striking example of speech metamorphosis in antiquity is the Greek orator Demosthenes. A tongue-tied man with a weak voice, through intense training, became a well-known public speaker. His famous pebbles behind his cheek, loud reading out loud, work on facial expressions in front of a mirror and other methods of exercise, contributed to such fundamental changes. And, today, which presenter speaks the fastest?

Of course, the fastest speaker on Russian television is Tina Kandelaki. So decided the viewers who participated in the survey. Moreover, Tina became such only through hard work on herself. She herself has repeatedly admitted that she actively fought speech imperfections with the help of exercises. And now is a powerful intellectual charge in those programs that leads.

We learn the child to speak quickly

How to teach a child to speak quickly, how to stimulate speech development? Such questions bother all parents. The main thing is to pay attention to the child, repeat the sounds and syllables.Teaching short words such as “thank you,” “please,” and “let me” do not react to his gestures: an outstretched hand or a nod of the head. Learn to imitate animals by looking at them in a book.

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