How to make a house out of matches?

Long have you been thinking about how to take your free time? Internet tired, on TV there is nothing interesting, and all the books are re-read? Let's talk about how to make a house out of matches. We bring to your attention a wonderful pastime that can turn into a constant hobby. Some people from matches construct the whole masterpieces. We will start with a small hut.

How to make a house out of matches with their own hands

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the fact that building a house of matches is very painstaking. You will need time and patience. In addition, you will need:

  • A lot of matches.
  • Solid and direct base for your house (you can take the box from the disk).
  • One coin In size, roughly dvuhrublevaya.

Matches must all be the same. In advance, you should select all the "defective" matches and not use them. Short matches, cracked, cracked, too thin, long or thick can be referred to “marriage”. In general, they should all be as similar as possible. Then the house will turn out beautiful and neat.

Now, step by step we will explain how to make a house out of matches:

  1. Lay the foundation for the cottage on a flat surface. Take two matches and place them parallel to each other at a distance of about two centimeters. Heads look one way.
  2. Take eight more matches and put them on top of two matches that you placed earlier. They are perpendicular. Heads look one way. Try to make these matches be at the same distance from each other.
  3. Now we do another flooring. Also, we take eight matches and put them on top of the previous eight perpendicular.
  4. Next, take two matches and put them on top, on the sides of the previous flooring, perpendicular. Then two more matches and put them perpendicular to the previous two matches.
  5. Repeat step four until you have fourteen rows of two matches.
  6. At this stage you should have a well. Above you need to place a number of matches (eight pieces), the same as we did at the very bottom of the house.
  7. Next, make another perpendicular flooring, but already out of six matches.
  8. Thus, on top of the "well" will be a lattice of matches.Four corners should be inserted one match up heads. So that the construction does not break down and fall apart, put a coin on top and hold it, thus holding the whole billet. Next, insert the match in all the holes at the top, around the perimeter.
  9. When everything is ready, remove the coin, because it is no longer necessary, the design must be reliable. Your house can now be taken in hand.
  10. Next, turn the house upside down and strengthen it with a layer of matches.
  11. Make another horizontal layer of matches.
  12. Then you should add one more match in the corners of the structure.
  13. Now attention: a crucial step. Very carefully squeeze out the matches that are inside, so that they partially "crawled out".
  14. Now you should make an attic. Squeezed out matches will be like a support. We put other matches between them in such a way that the roof is sloping.
  15. Over these matches which were an attic, put a roof perpendicular.
  16. The house is ready. Now you can add some of your own elements: pipe, doors, windows and so on.

A house of matches will please your eye, and can be a wonderful gift for a loved one.

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