How to make a person think?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
May 21, 2015
How to make a person think?

The question "how to make a person think about himself" is usually asked by people who suffer from unrequited love or part with a loved one for a long time.

To take a thought of the elect, you can use magic rituals or psychological tricks. It's easy to do, knowing how people think.

Psychological ways

With the help of simple psychological techniques, you can force others to think about themselves. The task is simplified if you have the opportunity to contact him.

  • Play “closer - further”. First, you show an increased interest in the object, flirt, draw attention to yourself with the help of a beautiful appearance. Then change the behavior to the opposite (show indifference, restraint). This technique makes sense only at the stage of establishing relationships.
  • Be mysterious. A little mystery always adds attractiveness to both men and women.Without fully revealing to your partner, you involuntarily make his thoughts return to you again and again.
  • Remind yourself. If you break up with a dear person for a long time, you can make him a memorable gift. This can be a useful thing that he will use daily. For example, a flash drive, key chain, coffee cup or cushion soaked in your perfume. You can also remind yourself using a sudden call or SMS.
  • Make bored. For some time, disappear from the field of view of the object, do not answer the phone calls. Your sudden disappearance will make him think. After a while, call him yourself and see how happy he will be.

How to make a person think about himself by the power of thought

Any person can use the power of his own thoughts even without special training, if you strongly believe in a positive result. There are several ways to use the power of thought to make another person think about himself:

  • Lie down comfortably and relax, think about the right person. Mentally imagine between you the energy channel through which thoughts are transmitted.Continue to meditate until you feel the heat that is being transmitted to you.
  • When you are close to the necessary person, mentally send a ray of light from your head towards his forehead, at the same time uttering to yourself the phrase: "Think of me constantly." Try to put all your inner energy into these words.

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