How to make a protocol?

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How to make a protocol?

The protocol is a legally binding document. It is compiled when important meetings and meetings take place with the adoption of any decisions based on the opinions of its members. For a protocol to be valid, it must be issued by secretaries, managers, or other corporate governance specialists in accordance with accepted requirements.

When is the protocol made?

Before you make a protocol, you need to know when it is needed.

  • The document is necessary when meetings of state and local authorities, auctioneers, boards of directors, founders take place.
  • One-time meetings, such as conferences, meetings, also requireProtocolcreate important paper.
  • If the protocol belongs to a scientific or educational institution, then it fixes scientific discoveries, educational program, election to the position, obtaining a category and degree.
  • In business, such documents are used to record disputes, agreements, confidential information.
  • The bank protocols confirm the account, fix cash transactions.

The protocol is of two types:

  • Full, is a text document describing in detail all the issues under consideration and decisions taken, indicating all participants. Attached is an audio recording of the last meeting.
  • Short, drawn up only on paper with a brief statement of the necessary information and the names of those present.

How to make a protocol correctly?

To write the protocol, you will need a blank sheet of A4 paper or a form with the name and all details of the company.

  1. The word “Protocol”, the date and place where the meeting was held are written on the sheet.
  2. Now you need to make an introductory part with the indication of the chairman and the secretary who made out the protocol.Protocol
  3. All participants in the meeting are listed with their last name, title, and initials. If there are too many people present, you can attach a complete list of names to the document.
  4. The agenda is being written, that is, what problems and issues were considered during the meeting. This part is basic, it indicates all the speakers with the reports with the texts of their reports in the order in which they were given the floor.For each question recorded decisions. If there was a vote during the meeting, you must specify the number of votes "for" and "against" any decision.
  5. At the end of the protocol is the signature of the secretary and the chairman of the meeting held.

In order for the document not to lose legal force, it is important to correctly indicate the full name of the company, which was noted during registration. Titles and positions of those present must be written accurately. You should set the date of the day when the event took place, not the number of the minutes. Some documents are approved by the heads of organizations using the word “approve”, signatures and dates.

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