How to make a sink?

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How to make a sink?

If you need to do a sink in the kitchen or in the bath - do not rush to call the experts. It can be assembled by hand, independently preparing all necessary.


  • drill;
  • spatulas;
  • silicone;
  • dowels;
  • jigsaw;
  • building level;
  • masking tape


Before starting work, check the completeness of the product. Must be available:


  • 2 side walls;
  • doors;
  • bottom;
  • 2 jumpers;
  • legs;
  • accessories;
  • sink.

Assembly technology

If the furniture for the kitchen is factory-made, then there is an instruction in the kit, following which you can easily assemble the case and put the sink.

Build a car wash frame

First connect the walls and the bottom, in which, if necessary, you can make a hole in advance for sewage and water supply pipes. The structure is strengthened with lintels, the doors are mounted last (after installing and fixing the sink).

The curbstone is put on the legs, their height is adjusted, the accuracy of the assembly is checked by construction level.

How to make a cabinet under the sink itself

If the store failed to find a suitable sink, it is quite possible to do it yourself. For these purposes, you can use both old wooden furniture and new MDF boards, or 16 millimeter chipboard. The work will require:Cabinet under the sink

  • putty wood;
  • brushes and paint;
  • primer;
  • sandpaper;
  • furniture screws;
  • jigsaw.

After making the measurements, a drawing is drawn up - a scheme of the future pedestal. In accordance with the dimensions of the MDF or particle board, the jigsaw is used to cut the necessary details: walls, doors, bottom, etc. When all the components of the bollards are prepared, proceed to its assembly, similar to that for which the purchased product is assembled. The screws fasten parts of the frame, attach the legs and hang door hinges. The surfaces are putty, treated with sandpaper, primed and painted. After that, proceed to the installation of the sink.

Sinks in the sink can be both overhead and mortise and installation of each of them has its own characteristics.

Installation of the shell sink

Sinks of laid on type are divided into sliding and ordinary. The first haveWashingspecial slides, which simply “enter” the slots on the pedestal.Installation of such a sink is quick and easy, and you can immediately begin to install communications. In the case when the sink is superimposed on the cabinet above, you will need to seal all the joints. The open top of the pedestal along the entire perimeter is coated with a sealant, which at the same time acts as a protective waterproof agent and glue, after which the shell is placed on it.

For greater security, so that the sink does not collapse under the weight of the dishes, you can build an internal crate under it so that it rests not on the thin end of the bedside table, but on the more powerful wooden bars. They are screwed from the inside of the frame and before installing the shell is coated with glue for better fixation.

Installing the mortise shell

Before you make a mortise installation of the sink, you should make sure that the frame is durable and that it is assembled without distortions (a building level is useful).

Step One: Making MarkupMarkup

When buying a mortise sink, the packaging of many of them is a ready-made template by which you can make a hole in the table top of the desired size. But if there is no such template, you can take cardboard from any packaging and, measuring the bottom of the sink, cut a few inches more.

Step two: we measure the location

This is a very crucial moment, because you need to think about the location of the crane, and finding the filter, and how the kitchenware will be placed, in a word, to foresee everything. After the ideal place is found, the cardboard template is attached to the countertop with tape and circled. Then it is removed, and the perimeter of the future holes are pasted on the outside with masking tape, 8-12 cm. This procedure will protect the edges from chipping and damage to the tools.

Step Three: Drill and Cut Out

First, several holes are drilled in the worktop with a drill (a 2-mm drill bit is suitable). They are made very close to each other and are connected to a common groove with a conventional chisel. It is from this place that they start to cut the tabletop using jigsaws on wood.

Step four: install the sink

The end of the cut hole must be greased with a sealant, then insert the sink and hold it under pressure for about a minute. Full curing of the glue and final fixation will occur in a few hours. After that, you can proceed to the installation of sewage, installation of cranes, mixer and other devices (for example, water filter).

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