How to make a toy from a sock?

We will reveal the secret of self-production of simple toys for the baby. Let's start with the bunny. The soft toy of the sock is sewn without a pattern, by eye, which is why each of them is unique.

Sock bunny

We will need a sock (preferably clean and new), threads, and a synthetic winterizer. Also satin ribbons, lace and any decorations for your toy. Sock is better to choose monochromatic colors, so it is easier to combine parts (legs, tail and ears).

  1. We cut the sock into pieces (heel and foot), we will work with the “heel” tube.
  2. Sew the top of the heel and fill it with padding polyester. The more sinteponona, the sweeter the bunny.
  3. Sew the hole with a secret stitch. It should make an oval.
  4. Take the second sock.
  5. We cut off from it a “place for fingers” (from the first one, too, it is necessary to cut off this part).
  6. Next, cut off the heel (left foot). From it we will make ears for a hare. The rectangle is cut into 2 halves (the top can be rounded off) and hemmed (where the heel is, there is a head).
  7. The silhouette of the toy is already visible. From the prepared pieces we will build pads. For example, in the form of triangles.Accordingly, sew them to the body. Important! The original oval is peretyagivaemy ribbon (any rope) where the head ends and the body begins. At your request, the head may be less and more. Shrinking tighter, correcting sintepon.
  8. We sew handles (we make any form).
  9. Here's how to sew a toy out of a sock! But we are still in the process. We proceed to the most fascinating stage - the design of the face. We take a pencil (the same color as the thread) and carefully draw the eyes, nose, mouth. In addition, the eyes can be decorated with buttons or beads, paints to paint the mouth. In general, we harmonize colors and refine at our discretion.

Teddy bear

And now we will try to sew other toys from socks. Master class on making bears - that's what we'll talk about now.

Materials and tools:

  • 2 multi-colored socks;
  • cotton wool (cotton can be);
  • needle and thread, scissors;
  • button for the nose (preferably black) and buttons for the eyes;
  • marker.

We need a dark-colored sock (blue, green), on which we draw a contour. Let's start with blue. Where there is a place for fingers, there will be a head with ears - we draw and cut out. Next, cut out the body with legs and legs from the remaining rectangle.We lay out on the table the silhouette of the bear from the details. Head and body stuffed with cotton, sew them together.

We take a light sock, cut out an oval from it a little less than the head and sew it on the “face”. Glue eyes, nose, embroider mouth with black threads. Fill the legs with cotton, cotton and sew to the body. Bear is ready. We learned how to make toys from socks of different colors.

Sock elephant

Moving from simple to complex! Let's consider how to make a toy from a sock - a striped elephant.

We need to pick up striped socks. You can use the socks - they are useful for the trunk. Cut the sock into 3 parts. The middle part is the body, the rest (closer to the fingers) is for the legs. For the legs we make a cut. From the second sock, we cut off the part that, from the side of the elastic, is the future neck. What is left is the trunk.

Cuts neatly sew and turn out, should get the head. We take the unused material and cut out the paws and ears. We sew blanks. Let's go to the body.

  1. The cut circles are sewn to the edges - these are future legs. We stretch them so that they seem larger.
  2. To the place for a neck we sew an elastic band with an allowance (from the same socks).
  3. Turn out the blank and fill it with padding polyester. Footwear and priests clog very tight.
  4. We also fill our heads tightly and assemble a place for a joint with the neck. Head and seam allowance (neck) sew together, then the seam is wrapped with a rubber band from the toe (above).
  5. We wrap the sewn gum allowance around the neck in the form of a scarf.
  6. We sew handles to the body, it is possible under the scarf (it is desirable to make the seam imperceptible), and ears to the head.

Go to the feet.

  1. It is necessary to draw fingers on the paws. To do this, flashing circles.
  2. Now we are working separately on the trunk. It is necessary to flash the folds.
  3. Eyes can be embroidered with threads, or buttons or beads can be used.
  4. We sew it all together, in the center of the belly we embroider a cross - navel. This will make the elephant especially cute.

If you have any questions, you can watch the video, toys from socks are embroidered in stages, everything is well shown in such videos.

On a note! For toys, you can use old socks, different colors and sizes. It all depends on your imagination. The brighter the colors, the more attractive toys. Use ribbons and buttons, colored threads, you can even watercolor. Your child will be satisfied!

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