How to make cola soup

You can always come up with something new in life. Especially this statement becomes relevant in the case when it comes to gastronomic passions. Even when you have the opportunity to experience exotic dishes during your trip, it is still possible to surprise your own stomach with a dessert called cola soup. Although at first glance it will seem absolutely insane. After all, the drink is very popular for various reasons, and they love it and consider it almost poison, and they recognize it as amazing.

Oddities of Coca-Cola

Some uses of cola seem special. It goes without saying that it is not necessarily used as a soft drink. Some people who are fanatics of this industry may, for example, use Coca-Cola as a means for, say, removing fat, disinfecting a toilet, and cleaning surfaces from metal from rust. There is information that US police can use soda as a reagent to remove blood stains from the road surface.Oddly enough, the stocks of the drink are used in cooking as a marinade for meat, marmalade is made from it, even a dish like cola soup is made.cola soupBut this does not mean what many people are afraid of and why they twist a finger at their temple: the fact that spices are added to soda, carrots and potatoes are cut, no one will have to cook meat in it either. Those people who watch their weight, lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle, are forced to abandon it, because this dessert contains a lot of carbohydrates and calories.

The first recipe for making Coca-Cola soup

Coca-Cola soup can be cooked in different ways, according to personal preferences and from various products. Now we will give you the option that is very popular. We will need the following products: two liters of Coca-Cola drink, two Snickers bars, one package of potato chips - 50 grams, one bag of peanuts - 50 grams and the same amount of crackers. Based on our preferences, we choose the taste of crackers and chips, but it must be noted that horseradish or garlic will not be the most profitable solution for preparing cola soup.coca cola soupNow we offer you our recipe.Soda pop, after pouring it from a bottle or several cans, is brought to a boil. After that, you need to add peanuts to it, and the next turn - chips and crackers. Now we will cut the snickers and drop them in the soup last. This recipe should make a delicious soup from your favorite Coca-Cola.

Reviews after eating this soup

It is clear that such a recipe can not become a regular party to a feast, but it will be a wonderful solution to the simple variety of this soup, because its recipe is very simple and does not need time-consuming. Most of the people who prepared the cola soup left positive reviews, they really liked the dessert. They, by the way, confirm that they will cook it again. But somewhere around 15% of negative reviews, the people who used such soup say that they have headaches, weakness of the body, and unpleasant sensations in the stomach. But we said that such a dessert is contraindicated strictly for those who suffer from diabetes, are allergic to some ingredient and a stomach ulcer. Everything, the rest of the lovers of this dish need a lot to eat it, because this soup contains a lot of fast-absorbing carbohydrates.

Recipe for chicken soup with coca-cola and roast

First you need to use to cook cola soup. The recipe for ordinary chicken soup is not much different from dishes with soda. We inform everyone again that we should not try to try it if you have stomach problems. After all, this drink, which we will use, is not always useful, especially for those who have problems with digestion. In addition, it is assumed very fat roast meat and vegetables. Okay, you decided to cook this dish.cola soup recipeSo you need the following products: 600 grams of chicken fillet, one onion, four potatoes, 300 grams of sour cream, butter, spices, herbs, water. Pour one liter of water into a suitable saucepan and set to warm. In the meantime, we make meat and make cubes out of it. A little, about the third part, 150-200 grams, put in boiling water to get chicken broth. The meat that remains is marinated. For this we need: pepper, salt, lemon juice, garlic, soy sauce and 250 grams of coca-cola.

Cooking our soup

To cook the marinade, salt our chicken, then pepper it, pour it with lemon juice and leave it in a closed cup for a few minutes. Enough for half an hour.Dice the peeled onions into small cubes. Marinade will be ready and immediately heat the pan, then pour vegetable oil into it. Then we send there onions and immediately lay out the chicken. The most important and important condition: frying must be prepared at high heat. On all sides, roasting should have a bright golden hue. After she gets it, pour soy sauce into the pan and it's time to add the cola to our Coca-Cola to make cola soupThe fire is now reduced to medium and the chicken is cooked for another ten minutes. We give time to roast for some time to insist, turning off the fire. Now it's time to go back to the broth. We send him potatoes, diced sliced, a piece of butter and frying. Over medium heat cook soup for 10-15 minutes. We decorate, when served, with sour cream and greens.

Another way is to make cream soup.

Frying in this way is prepared in the same way as in the above recipe. Only the onions are fried separately, but the mashed potatoes are made slightly different. In a small saucepan, you need to melt the butter, add the fried onions and potatoes there. Add three quarters cup chicken broth and cook until potatoes are ready, 20 minutes. Then grind everything with a blender to the consistency of mashed potatoes.Pour some cream or milk into it, and cook for a dozen minutes over low heat. When serving, add pieces of roasted chicken and sprinkle well with greens. Also serve croutons, as to any other soup-puree. You can slices of bread, white, smear with sauce and bake in the oven. Similarly, you can make a cola soup, a recipe for other meat ingredients: pork, beef, and lamb. Add a few spoons of ketchup instead of soy sauce. To make everything happen perfectly, the meat should be fried until the sauce itself is very thick. Otherwise, the whole dressing from the sauce and Coca-Cola will be washed off and the meat will become tasteless. So you need to either spend more time on the marinade, or wait for the sauce to harden well.

How to cook cola soup, sweet

Some people can not do without sweet, so, for them there is a recipe for a sweet soup. With it, you can not only get a good charge of vivacity, but also provide yourself with glucose for many months in advance. You will need: a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, snickers - two bars, three packets of 50 grams: chips, peanuts and crackers. To start boiling Coca-Cola, and in the drink, in the process of boiling, add nuts, then crackers.coca cola soup recipeChips and Snickers - in the least, because they can quickly dissolve.Adding them, immediately turn off the gas. If you need seasoning, then use toffee, for example, “Möller”, you need 5-6 pieces per two liters. If you like only warm soup, then try to eat at one time, as reheating is not recommended. But there is no other way, the soup is very tasty.

Cooking French soup with croutons

It requires ingredients: finely chopped onions - 800 grams, butter - 50 grams, beef broth - half a liter, Coca-Cola - one glass, half a teaspoon of vinegar, and one teaspoon - salt, pepper and cumin, French loaf, grated Parmesan, cut into thick pieces. Now tell you how to make cola soup. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the onion, then fry it until golden. Next you need to add broth, Coca-Cola, boiled water (one cup), vinegar, salt and pepper. Cover with a lid and cook on low heat for twenty-five minutes.cola soup reviewsAt the same time we roast pieces of bread in one oven on one side, turn them over and sprinkle them generously with parmesan. In the end - bake to a delicious crust. This soup is served in deep plates, a roll is put right on the plate.

Tips for lovers of unusual soup

Not for nothing in the world there are so many recipes for cooking such dishes. There are always people who are interested. They will cook a Coca-Cola soup, the recipe is also not one, but several, and, as you can see from the last examples shown, they are very serious, without the slightest joke. So take seriously your health and proceed to prepare a soup of cola. We give you some tips so you don’t have to be treated. We do not offer such experiments to people of a young age, since health is no longer that, complications are to make cola soupWe have already written about gastric ulcer and gastritis. We advise you, if you are afraid for your stomach, add Coca-Cola, after diluting it with kvass or plain water. In this case, the amount of gas in the dish will decrease and the load on the digestive system will decrease. Remember that if the drink is not abused and your health is normal, nothing threatens you.

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