How to make exhaust?

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How to make exhaust?

To get rid of the strong noise of the exhaust, which is produced by the car, you need to perform a number of operations. A person does not have to be well versed in the work of the exhaust system of a motor vehicle, because you can always use our hint. The engine and exhaust system carry out their work in a balanced manner, so as not to create obstacles in the work of individual elements. And if this balance is broken, then the work of the entire motor can deteriorate as a result. A broken silencer needs repair, so you first need to make a silencer, and then make changes and updates.

How to make exhaust quieter

It is necessary to use the easiest way to reduce unpleasant noise - to implant a “can” (the owners of the cars gave this name to the tip of the muffler). The "can" has a rounded cavity in which a tube with holes is placed. In the cavity there is a filler, which acts as a heat-resistant fiber, fixed by a fine mesh.

We make installation

  1. We cut a part of the pipe in the area of ​​the catalyst and silencer of the required length, corresponding to the size of the “can”, which will be installed in its place.
  2. Remove the cut part.
  3. We carry out the installation and fasteners "banks" to the cavity of the resonator, using clamps and sheets of asbestos (for sealing).

How to make the exhaust louder

One of the ways is the alteration of the “native” muffler already installed on the car. To do this, you need to stock up the pipe of the desired size (individual measurement), welding, grinder (drill) and metal sponges used for washing dishes.

The order of work:

  1. We make dismantle of the muffler.
  2. Grill cut the upper part of the muffler around the perimeter.
  3. Remove all internal parts from the muffler.
  4. In the pipe, which later will be installed inside the muffler, we make many parallel holes with the grinder. Holes can be made and drill. Please note that the pipe must be flat, smooth, and fully fit to the size of the opening in the silencer.
  5. Weld the pipe into the muffler, and fill the remaining space with metal sponges.
  6. The upper wall of the muffler is welded to its original place.

After performing the specified series of operations, the exhaust sound will become louder and rougher. If at low revs the sound does not stand out strongly, then it is necessary to add a “gas”, and a powerful roar of the engine will be heard.


Beauty muffler will give lining. They can be purchased at any auto shop. Decorative covers just put on a muffler tube, making it more attractive. Some of them can change the sound of the exhaust.

Varieties of overlays

  1. Noise canceling with carbon coating;
  2. Doubled;
  3. Wide oval;
  4. Sports;
  5. Nozzle "Hello Kitty";
  6. Oval, curved at the end;
  7. Nozzle whistle;
  8. Backlit.

And this is not a complete list of all kinds of varieties, their great variety.

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